Man pages for ggformula
Formula Interface to the Grammar of Graphics

discrete_breaksDiscrete Breaks
geom_lmLinear Model Displays
geom_splineGeoms and stats for spline smoothing
gf_areaFormula interface to geom_area()
gf_ashAverage Shifted Histograms
gf_auxNon-layer functions for gf plots
gf_barFormula interface to geom_bar()
gf_bin2dFormula interface to geom_bin2d()
gf_blankFormula interface to geom_blank()
gf_boxplotFormula interface to geom_boxplot()
gf_colFormula interface to geom_col()
gf_contourFormula interface to geom_contour() and geom_contour_filled()
gf_countFormula interface to geom_count()
gf_crossbarFormula interface to geom_crossbar()
gf_curveFormula interface to geom_curve()
gf_densityFormula interface to stat_density()
gf_density_2dFormula interface to geom_density_2d() and...
gf_distPlot distributions
gf_dotplotFormula interface to geom_dotplot()
gf_ecdfFormula interace to empirical cumulative distribution
gf_ellipseFormula interface to stat_ellipse()
gf_emptyCreate an "empty" plot
gf_errorbarFormula interface to geom_errorbar()
gf_facet_gridAdd facets to a plot
gf_fitdistrPlot density function based on fit to data
gf_freqpolyFormula interface to geom_freqpoly()
gf_functionLayers displaying graphs of functions
gf_function2dPlot functions of two variables
gf_hexFormula interface to geom_hex()
gf_histogramFormula interface to geom_histogram()
gf_jitterFormula interface to geom_jitter()
gf_lineFormula interface to geom_line() and geom_path()
gf_linerangeFormula interface to geom_linerange() and geom_pointrange()
gf_linesReference lines - horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.
gf_plotFormula interface to ggplot()
gf_pointFormula interface to geom_point()
gf_polygonFormula interface to geom_polygon()
gf_qqFormula interface to geom_qq()
gf_quantileFormula interface to geom_quantile()
gf_rasterFormula interface to geom_raster()
gf_rectFormula interface to geom_rect()
gf_relabelModify plot labeling
gf_ribbonFormula interface to geom_ribbon()
gf_rugFormula interface to geom_rug()
gf_segmentFormula interface to geom_segment()
gf_sfMapping with shape files
gf_sinaFormula interface to geom_sina()
gf_smoothFormula interface to geom_smooth()
gf_splineFormula interface to geom_spline()
gf_spokeFormula interface to geom_spoke()
gf_stepFormula interface to geom_step()
gf_textFormula interface to geom_text() and geom_label()
gf_themeThemes for ggformula
gf_tileFormula interface to geom_tile()
gf_violinFormula interface to geom_violin()
ggformulaggformula: Formula Interface to the Grammar of Graphics
ggformula-ggprotoggproto classes for ggplot2
ggridgesFormula interface to ggridges plots
ggstanceDeprecated horizontal plotting functions
labelsSet and extract labels from a labeled object
layer_factoryCreate a ggformula layer function
MIpopPopulation of Michigan counties
proportionsCompute groupwise proportions and percents
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
stat_fitdistrA stat for fitting distributions
stat_qqlineA Stat for Adding Reference Lines to QQ-Plots
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