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Geom for Logo Sequence Plots

aacidsproperties of amino acids
alphabetalphabet polygon data
calcInformationCompute shannon information based on position and treatment
createPolygonsCreate a data set of polygons for a set of letters from a...
determineOrderDetermine order in which to pass through a set of points
fortifyConvert image matrix to a data frame
geom_logoSequence logo plots.
getOutlineDetermine boundary between foreground and background in an...
ggfortifyConvert sequence data to a format suitable for logo plots
identifyPartsIdentify different parts of a polygon
letterObjectConvert a text element into an R object
letterToPolygonConvert an image file to a polygon
logoLogo plot
mainPlusIslandsSet the orientation of a polygon
point_line_distDistance between point and line
position_logoLogo positioning for overlapping objects on top of one...
sequencespeptide sequence data
simplifyPolygonDouglas-Peucker algorithm adjusted fo polyons
simplify_recDouglas Pecker algorithm for line thinning
splitSequenceReshape data set according to elements in sequences
stat_logoCalculation of all pieces necessary to plot a logo sequence...
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