ggm: Functions for graphical Markov models

Functions and datasets for maximum likelihood fitting of some classes of graphical Markov models.

AuthorGiovanni M. Marchetti, Mathias Drton, Kayvan Sadeghi
Date of publication2015-01-21 12:47:19
MaintainerGiovanni M. Marchetti <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adjMatrix: Adjacency matrix of a graph

AG: Ancestral graph

allEdges: All edges of a graph

anger: Anger data

basiSet: Basis set of a DAG

bfsearch: Breadth first search

binve: Inverts a marginal log-linear parametrization

blkdiag: Block diagonal matrix

blodiag: Block diagonal matrix

checkIdent: Identifiability of a model with one latent variable

cmpGraph: The complementary graph

conComp: Connectivity components

correlations: Marginal and partial correlations

cycleMatrix: Fundamental cycles

DAG: Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs)

derived: Data on blood pressure body mass and age

DG: Directed graphs

diagv: Matrix product with a diagonal matrix

drawGraph: Drawing a graph with a simple point and click interface.

dSep: d-separation

edgematrix: Edge matrix of a graph

essentialGraph: Essential graph

findPath: Finding paths

fitAncestralGraph: Fitting of Gaussian Ancestral Graph Models

fitConGraph: Fitting a Gaussian concentration graph model

fitCovGraph: Fitting of Gaussian covariance graph models

fitDag: Fitting of Gaussian DAG models

fitDagLatent: Fitting Gaussian DAG models with one latent variable

fitmlogit: Multivariate logistic models

fundCycles: Fundamental cycles

ggm: The package 'ggm': summary information

glucose: Glucose control

grMAT: Graph to adjacency matrix

icf: Iterative conditional fitting

In: Indicator matrix

InducedGraphs: Graphs induced by marginalization or conditioning

isAcyclic: Graph queries

isADMG: Acyclic directed mixed graphs

isAG: Ancestral graph

isGident: G-identifiability of an UG

MAG: Maximal ancestral graph

makeMG: Mixed Graphs

marg.param: Link function of marginal log-linear parameterization

MarkEqMag: Markov equivalence of maximal ancestral graphs

MarkEqRcg: Markov equivalence for regression chain graphs.

marks: Mathematics marks

mat.mlogit: Multivariate logistic parametrization

Max: Maximisation for graphs

MRG: Maximal ribbonless graph

msep: The m-separation criterion

MSG: Maximal summary graph

null: Null space of a matrix

parcor: Partial correlations

pcor: Partial correlation

pcor.test: Test for zero partial association

plotGraph: Plot of a mixed graph

powerset: Power set

rcorr: Random correlation matrix

RepMarBG: Representational Markov equivalence to bidirected graphs.

RepMarDAG: Representational Markov equivalence to directed acyclic...

RepMarUG: Representational Markov equivalence to undirected graphs.

RG: Ribbonless graph

rnormDag: Random sample from a decomposable Gaussian model

rsphere: Random vectors on a sphere

SG: summary graph

shipley.test: Test of all independencies implied by a given DAG

SimpleGraphOperations: Simple graph operations

stress: Stress

surdata: A simulated data set

swp: Sweep operator

topSort: Topological sort

transClos: Transitive closure of a graph

triDec: Triangular decomposition of a covariance matrix

UG: Defining an undirected graph (UG)

unmakeMG: Loopless mixed graphs components

UtilityFunctions: Utility functions

Files in this package

ggm/R/kayvan.R ggm/R/functions.R
ggm/man/powerset.Rd ggm/man/stress.Rd ggm/man/findPath.Rd ggm/man/fitDag.Rd ggm/man/derived.Rd ggm/man/shipley.test.Rd ggm/man/UtilityFunctions.Rd ggm/man/MRG.Rd ggm/man/Max.Rd ggm/man/conComp.Rd ggm/man/basiSet.Rd ggm/man/fitDagLatent.Rd ggm/man/blkdiag.Rd ggm/man/icf.Rd ggm/man/ggm.Rd ggm/man/null.Rd ggm/man/checkIdent.Rd ggm/man/surdata.Rd ggm/man/cycleMatrix.Rd ggm/man/unmakeMG.Rd ggm/man/isAcyclic.Rd ggm/man/DG.Rd ggm/man/adjMatrix.Rd ggm/man/marg.param.Rd ggm/man/mat.mlogit.Rd ggm/man/MarkEqRcg.Rd ggm/man/triDec.Rd ggm/man/isGident.Rd ggm/man/UG.Rd ggm/man/dSep.Rd ggm/man/DAG.Rd ggm/man/pcor.Rd ggm/man/fitCovGraph.Rd ggm/man/RepMarBG.Rd ggm/man/swp.Rd ggm/man/drawGraph.Rd ggm/man/isAG.Rd ggm/man/makeMG.Rd ggm/man/plotGraph.Rd ggm/man/AG.Rd ggm/man/MSG.Rd ggm/man/anger.Rd ggm/man/fitAncestralGraph.Rd ggm/man/marks.Rd ggm/man/glucose.Rd ggm/man/blodiag.Rd ggm/man/correlations.Rd ggm/man/rcorr.Rd ggm/man/fitConGraph.Rd ggm/man/msep.Rd ggm/man/essentialGraph.Rd ggm/man/transClos.Rd ggm/man/MAG.Rd ggm/man/parcor.Rd ggm/man/diagv.Rd ggm/man/MarkEqMag.Rd ggm/man/fitmlogit.Rd ggm/man/In.Rd ggm/man/RG.Rd ggm/man/RepMarDAG.Rd ggm/man/edgematrix.Rd ggm/man/SG.Rd ggm/man/topSort.Rd ggm/man/grMAT.Rd ggm/man/isADMG.Rd ggm/man/rnormDag.Rd ggm/man/SimpleGraphOperations.Rd ggm/man/bfsearch.Rd ggm/man/cmpGraph.Rd ggm/man/InducedGraphs.Rd ggm/man/pcor.test.Rd ggm/man/RepMarUG.Rd ggm/man/binve.Rd ggm/man/allEdges.Rd ggm/man/fundCycles.Rd ggm/man/rsphere.Rd

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