Man pages for ggm
Graphical Markov Models with Mixed Graphs

adjMatrixAdjacency matrix of a graph
AGAncestral graph
allEdgesAll edges of a graph
angerAnger data
basiSetBasis set of a DAG
bfsearchBreadth first search
binveInverts a marginal log-linear parametrization
blkdiagBlock diagonal matrix
blodiagBlock diagonal matrix
checkIdentIdentifiability of a model with one latent variable
cmpGraphThe complementary graph
conCompConnectivity components
correlationsMarginal and partial correlations
cycleMatrixFundamental cycles
DAGDirected acyclic graphs (DAGs)
derivedData on blood pressure body mass and age
DGDirected graphs
diagvMatrix product with a diagonal matrix
drawGraphDrawing a graph with a simple point and click interface.
edgematrixEdge matrix of a graph
essentialGraphEssential graph
findPathFinding paths
fitAncestralGraphFitting of Gaussian Ancestral Graph Models
fitConGraphFitting a Gaussian concentration graph model
fitCovGraphFitting of Gaussian covariance graph models
fitDagFitting of Gaussian DAG models
fitDagLatentFitting Gaussian DAG models with one latent variable
fitmlogitMultivariate logistic models
fundCyclesFundamental cycles
ggmThe package 'ggm': summary information
glucoseGlucose control
grMATGraph to adjacency matrix
icfIterative conditional fitting
InIndicator matrix
InducedGraphsGraphs induced by marginalization or conditioning
isAcyclicGraph queries
isADMGAcyclic directed mixed graphs
isAGAncestral graph
isGidentG-identifiability of an UG
MAGMaximal ancestral graph
makeMGMixed Graphs
marg.paramLink function of marginal log-linear parameterization
MarkEqMagMarkov equivalence of maximal ancestral graphs
MarkEqRcgMarkov equivalence for regression chain graphs.
marksMathematics marks
mat.mlogitMultivariate logistic parametrization
MaxMaximisation for graphs
MRGMaximal ribbonless graph
msepThe m-separation criterion
MSGMaximal summary graph
nullNull space of a matrix
parcorPartial correlations
pcorPartial correlation
pcor.testTest for zero partial association
plotGraphPlot of a mixed graph
powersetPower set
rcorrRandom correlation matrix
RepMarBGRepresentational Markov equivalence to bidirected graphs.
RepMarDAGRepresentational Markov equivalence to directed acyclic...
RepMarUGRepresentational Markov equivalence to undirected graphs.
RGRibbonless graph
rnormDagRandom sample from a decomposable Gaussian model
rsphereRandom vectors on a sphere
SGsummary graph
shipley.testTest of all independencies implied by a given DAG
SimpleGraphOperationsSimple graph operations
surdataA simulated data set
swpSweep operator
topSortTopological sort
transClosTransitive closure of a graph
triDecTriangular decomposition of a covariance matrix
UGDefining an undirected graph (UG)
unmakeMGLoopless mixed graphs components
UtilityFunctionsUtility functions
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