Man pages for ggpubr
'ggplot2' Based Publication Ready Plots

add_summaryAdd Summary Statistics onto a ggplot.
annotate_figureAnnotate Arranged Figure
as_ggplotStoring grid.arrange() arrangeGrob() and plots
axis_scaleChange Axis Scale: log2, log10 and more
background_imageAdd Background Image to ggplot2
bgcolorChange ggplot Panel Background Color
borderSet ggplot Panel Border Line
compare_meansComparison of Means
desc_statbyDescriptive statistics by groups
diff_expressDifferential gene expression analysis results
facetFacet a ggplot into Multiple Panels
fontChange the Appearance of Titles and Axis Labels
gene_citationGene Citation Index
geom_execExecute ggplot2 functions
get_legendExtract Legends from a ggplot object
get_paletteGenerate Color Palettes
ggaddAdd Summary Statistics or a Geom onto a ggplot
ggarrangeArrange Multiple ggplots
ggballoonplotBallon plot
ggbarplotBar plot
ggboxplotBox plot
ggdensityDensity plot
ggdonutchartDonut chart
ggdotchartCleveland's Dot Plots
ggdotplotDot plot
ggecdfEmpirical cumulative density function
ggerrorplotVisualizing Error
ggexportExport ggplots
gghistogramHistogram plot
gglineLine plot
ggmaplotMA-plot from means and log fold changes
ggpairedPlot Paired Data
ggparGraphical parameters
ggparagraphDraw a Paragraph of Text
ggpiePie chart
ggpubr_argsggpubr General Arguments Description
ggqqplotQQ Plots
ggscatterScatter plot
ggscatterhistScatter Plot with Marginal Histograms
ggtexttableDraw a Textual Table
ggviolinViolin plot
gradient_colorSet Gradient Color
gridsAdd Grids to a ggplot
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rotateRotate a ggplot Horizontally
rotate_axis_textRotate Axes Text
rremoveRemove a ggplot Component
set_paletteSet Color Palette
show_line_typesLine types available in R
show_point_shapesPoint shapes available in R
stat_chullPlot convex hull of a set of points
stat_compare_meansAdd Mean Comparison P-values to a ggplot
stat_conf_ellipsePlot confidence ellipses.
stat_corAdd Correlation Coefficients with P-values to a Scatter Plot
stat_meanDraw group mean points
stat_pvalue_manualAdd Manually P-values to a ggplot
stat_regline_equationAdd Regression Line Equation and R-Square to a GGPLOT.
stat_starsAdd Stars to a Scatter Plot
text_grobCreate a Text Graphical object
theme_pubrPublication ready theme
theme_transparentCreate a ggplot with Transparent Background
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