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Scientific Journal and Sci-Fi Themed Color Palettes for 'ggplot2'

ggsci-packageScientific Journal and Sci-Fi Themed Color Palettes for...
pal_aaasAAAS Journal Color Palettes
pal_d3D3.js Color Palettes
pal_futuramaThe Futurama Color Palettes
pal_gseaThe GSEA GenePattern Color Palettes
pal_igvIntegrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) Color Palettes
pal_jamaJournal of the American Medical Association Color Palettes
pal_jcoJournal of Clinical Oncology Color Palettes
pal_lancetLancet Journal Color Palettes
pal_locuszoomLocusZoom Color Palette
pal_materialMaterial Design Color Palettes
pal_nejmNEJM Color Palettes
pal_npgNPG Journal Color Palettes
pal_rickandmortyRick and Morty Color Palettes
pal_simpsonsThe Simpsons Color Palettes
pal_startrekStar Trek Color Palettes
pal_tronTron Legacy Color Palettes
pal_uchicagoThe University of Chicago Color Palettes
pal_ucscgbUCSC Genome Browser Color Palette
rgb_gseaThe GSEA GenePattern Color Palettes
rgb_materialMaterial Design Color Palettes
scale_aaasAAAS Journal Color Scales
scale_d3D3.js Color Scales
scale_futuramaThe Futurama Color Scales
scale_gseaThe GSEA GenePattern Color Scales
scale_igvIntegrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) Color Scales
scale_jamaJournal of the American Medical Association Color Scales
scale_jcoJournal of Clinical Oncology Color Scales
scale_lancetLancet Journal Color Scales
scale_locuszoomLocusZoom Color Scales
scale_materialMaterial Design Color Palettes
scale_nejmNEJM Color Scales
scale_npgNPG Journal Color Scales
scale_rickandmortyRick and Morty Color Scales
scale_simpsonsThe Simpsons Color Scales
scale_startrekStar Trek Color Scales
scale_tronTron Legacy Color Scales
scale_uchicagoThe University of Chicago Color Scales
scale_ucscgbUCSC Genome Browser Color Scales
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