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Extensions to 'ggplot2' for Radiation Spectra

Afr_plotPlot a filter spectrum.
A_internal_labelAbsorbance axis labels
A_plotPlot a filter spectrum.
autoplotPlot a spectrum.
black_or_whiteChose black vs. white color based on weighted mean of RGB...
cal_plotPlot method for spectral irradiation calibrations.
color_chartCreate a color checker chart
counts_labelRaw-counts axis labels
cps_labelCounts-per-second axis labels
cps_plotPlot an instrument counts spectrum.
decode_annotationsMerge user supplied annotations with default ones
decorationAdd decorations to spectrum plot (private)
duration2characterConvert lubridate duration objects to a string if possible
e_plotPlot a source spectrum.
e_rsp_plotPlot method for response spectra.
exponent2prefixSI unit prefixes
find_idfactorFind 'idfactor'
geom_spctSpectral data plots.
gg2spectra-ggproto'Stat*' Objects
ggplotCreate a new ggplot plot from spectral data.
ggspectra-packageggspectra: Extensions to 'ggplot2' for Radiation Spectra
ggtitle_spctAdd title to a spectral plot
multiplotMultiple plot function
O_plotPlot an object spectrum
plot.calibration_spctPlot methods for spectral irradiation calibrations.
plot.cps_spctPlot method for spectra expressed as detector counts per...
plot.filter_spctPlot methods for filter spectra.
plot.generic_spctWarn if plot methods is called.
plot.object_spctPlot method for object spectra.
plot.raw_spctPlot method for spectra expressed as raw detector counts.
plot.reflector_spctPlot methods for reflector spectra.
plot.response_spctPlot methods for response spectra.
plot.source_spctPlot methods for light-source spectra.
plot.wavebandPlot method for waveband objects.
q_plotPlot a source spectrum.
q_rsp_plotPlot a response spectrum.
raw_plotPlot method for spectra expressed as raw detector counts.
Rfr_specular_labelReflectance axis labels
R_plotPlot a reflector spectrum
scale_x_wl_continuousWavelength x-scale
scale_y_A_internal_continuousAbsorbance y-scale
scale_y_counts_continuousRaw-counts y-scale
scale_y_cps_continuousCounts-per-second y-scale
scale_y_Rfr_specular_continuousReflectance y-scale
scale_y_s.e.irrad_continuousSpectral irradiance y-scale
scale_y_s.e.response_continuousSpectral response y-scale
scale_y_Tfr_internal_continuousTransmittance y-scale
sec_axis_w_numberSecondary axes for wavelengths
s.e.irrad_labelspectral irradiance axis labels
s.e.response_labelspectral response axis labels
SI_pl_formatFormatter for plain labels discounting for SI multipliers
SI_tg_formatFormatter for tagged labels using SI multipliers
stat_colorCalculate colours from wavelength.
stat_find_qtysFind quantity value for target wavelength value.
stat_find_wlsFind wavelength for target quantity value.
stat_label_peaksLabel peaks and valleys.
stat_peaksFind peaks and valleys.
stat_wb_boxDraw colour boxes for wavebands
stat_wb_columnIntegrate ranges under curve.
stat_wb_contributionIntegrate ranges under spectral curve.
stat_wb_hbarIntegrate ranges under curve.
stat_wb_irradIntegrate irradiance for wavebands.
stat_wb_labelLabel ranges under spectral curve.
stat_wb_meanIntegrate ranges under curve.
stat_wb_relativeIntegrate ranges under spectral curve.
stat_wb_sirradIntegrate spectral irradiance for wavebands.
stat_wb_totalIntegrate ranges under spectral curve.
stat_wl_stripCalculate colours from wavelength.
stat_wl_summaryAverage area under curve for regions.
subtitle_spct.generic_spctBuild a plot subtitle from object metadata (deprecated!)
Tfr_internal_labelTransmittance axis labels
title_spctBuild a plot title from object metadata (deprecated!)
T_plotPlot a filter spectrum.
w_length_labelWave- axis labels
w_numberWavelength conversions
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