Man pages for ggstatsplot
'ggplot2' Based Plots with Statistical Details

bugs_longTidy version of the "Bugs" dataset.
bugs_wideWide-format version of the "Bugs" dataset.
combine_plotsCombining and arranging multiple plots in a grid
extract_statsExtracting dataframes with statistical details from...
ggbarstatsBar (column) charts with statistical tests
ggbetweenstatsBox/Violin plots for between-subjects comparisons
ggcoefstatsDot-and-whisker plots for regression analyses
ggcorrmatVisualization of a correlation matrix
ggdotplotstatsDot plot/chart for labeled numeric data.
gghistostatsHistogram for distribution of a numeric variable
ggpiestatsPie charts with statistical tests
ggscatterstatsScatterplot with marginal distributions and statistical...
ggstatsplot-packageggstatsplot: 'ggplot2' Based Plots with Statistical Details
ggwithinstatsBox/Violin plots for within-subjects (or repeated measures)...
grouped_ggbarstatsGrouped bar charts with statistical tests
grouped_ggbetweenstatsViolin plots for group or condition comparisons in...
grouped_ggcorrmatVisualization of a correlalogram (or correlation matrix) for...
grouped_ggdotplotstatsGrouped histograms for distribution of a labeled numeric...
grouped_gghistostatsGrouped histograms for distribution of a numeric variable
grouped_ggpiestatsGrouped pie charts with statistical tests
grouped_ggscatterstatsScatterplot with marginal distributions for all levels of a...
grouped_ggwithinstatsViolin plots for group or condition comparisons in...
grouped_listSplit dataframe into a list by grouping variable.
iris_longEdgar Anderson's Iris Data in long format.
movies_longMovie information and user ratings from (long...
pairwise_comparisonsMultiple pairwise comparison tests with tidy data
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
theme_ggstatsplotDefault theme used in '{ggstatsplot}'
Titanic_fullTitanic dataset.
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