Man pages for ggthemes
Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'

bank_slopesBank Slopes to 45 degrees
calc_palCalc color palette (discrete)
calc_shape_palCalc shape palette (discrete) color palettes
canva_palettes150 Color Palettes from Canva
circlefill_shape_palFilled Circle Shape palette (discrete)
cleveland_shape_palShape palette from Cleveland "Elements of Graphing Data"...
colorblindColorblind Color Palette (Discrete) and Scales
economist_palEconomist color palette (discrete)
excel_new_palExcel (current versions) color palettes (discrete)
excel_palExcel 97 ugly color palettes (discrete)
few_palColor Palettes Few "Show Me the Numbers"
few_shape_palShape palette from "Show Me the Numbers" (discrete)
fivethirtyeight_palFiveThirtyEight color palette
gdocs_palGoogle Docs color palette (discrete)
geom_rangeframeRange Frames
geom_tufteboxplotTufte's Box Plot
ggthemes_dataPalette and theme data
hc_palHighcharts color palette (discrete)
palette_panderColor palette from the pander package
ptol_palColor Palettes from Paul Tol's "Colour Schemes"
range_breaksPretty axis breaks inclusive of extreme values
scale_calcLibreOffice Calc color scales
scale_color_tableauTableau color scales (discrete)
scale_colour_canvaDiscrete color scale using color palettes
scale_colour_gradient2_tableauTableau diverging colour scales (continuous)
scale_colour_gradient_tableauTableau sequential colour scales (continuous)
scale_economistEconomist color scales
scale_excelExcel 97 ugly color scales
scale_excel_newExcel (current versions) color scales
scale_fewColor scales from Few's "Practical Rules for Using Color in...
scale_fivethirtyeightFiveThirtyEight color scales
scale_gdocsGoogle Docs color scales
scale_hcHighcharts color and fill scales
scale_linetype_stataStata linetype palette (discrete)
scale_panderColor scale from the pander package
scale_ptolColor Scales from Paul Tol's "Colour Schemes
scale_shape_calcCalc shape scale
scale_shape_circlefillFilled Circle Shape palette (discrete)
scale_shape_clevelandShape scales from Cleveland "Elements of Graphing Data"
scale_shape_fewScales for shapes from "Show Me the Numbers"
scale_shape_stataStata shape scale
scale_shape_tableauTableau shape scales
scale_shape_tremmelShape scales from Tremmel (1995)
scale_solarizedSolarized color scales
scale_stataStata color scales
scale_wsjWall Street Journal color and fill scales
show_linetypesShow linetypes
show_shapesShow shapes
smart_digitsFormat numbers with automatic number of digits
solarized_palSolarized color palette (discrete)
solarized_rebaseBase colors for Solarized light and dark themes
stata_linetype_palStata linetype palette (discrete)
stata_palStata color palettes (discrete)
stata_shape_palStata shape palette (discrete)
stat_fivenumberCalculate components of a five-number summary
tableau_color_palTableau Color Palettes (discrete)
tableau_gradient_palTableau colour gradient palettes (continuous)
tableau_shape_palTableau Shape Palettes (discrete)
theme_baseTheme Base
theme_calcTheme Calc
theme_cleanClean ggplot theme
theme_economistggplot color theme based on the Economist
theme_excelggplot theme based on old Excel plots
theme_excel_newggplot theme similar to current Excel plot defaults
theme_fewTheme based on Few's "Practical Rules for Using Color in...
theme_fivethirtyeightTheme inspired by FiveThirtyEight plots
theme_foundationFoundation Theme
theme_gdocsTheme with Google Docs Chart defaults
theme_hcHighcharts Theme
theme_igrayInverse gray theme
theme_mapClean theme for maps
theme_panderA ggplot theme originated from the pander package
theme_parTheme which uses the current 'base' graphics parameter values...
theme_solarizedggplot color themes based on the Solarized palette
theme_solidTheme with nothing other than a background color
theme_stataThemes based on Stata graph schemes
theme_tufteTufte Maximal Data, Minimal Ink Theme
theme_wsjWall Street Journal theme
tremmel_shape_palShape palette from Tremmel (1995) (discrete)
wsj_palWall Street Journal color palette (discrete)
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