Man pages for givitiR
The GiViTI Calibration Test and Belt

calibrationBeltIntersectionsCalibration Belt Significant Deviations
calibrationBeltPointsCalibration Belt Confidence Region
givitiCalibrationBeltCalibration Belt
givitiCalibrationBeltTableTable of the Calibration Belt Significant Deviations
givitiCalibrationTestCalibration Test
givitiCalibrationTestCompComputation of the Calibration Test
givitiCheckArgsCheck of the argument's values
givitiCheckDataCheck of data
givitiRgivitiR: assessing the calibration of binary outcome models...
givitiStatCdfCDF of the Calibration Statistic Under the Null Hypothesis
icuDataInformation of SAPS II score and outcome of 1,000 ICU...
logitLogit and logistic functions
plot.givitiCalibrationBeltCalibration Belt Plot
polynomialLogRegrFwForward Selection in Polynomial Logistic Regression
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