givitiCheckArgs: Check of the argument's values

Description Usage Arguments Value


Check of the coherence of the values passed to the functions givitiCalibrationTest and givitiCalibrationBelt.


givitiCheckArgs(o, e, devel, thres, maxDeg)



A numeric vector representing the binary outcomes. The elements must assume only the values 0 or 1. The predictions in e must represent the probability of the event coded as 1.


A numeric vector containing the probabilities of the model under evaluation. The elements must be numeric and between 0 and 1. The lenght of the vector must be equal to the length of the vector o.


A character string specifying if the model has been fit on the same dataset under evaluation (internal) or if the model has been developed on an external sample (external).


A numeric scalar between 0 and 1 representing 1 - the significance level adopted in the forward selection.


The maximum degree considered in the forward selection.


The function produce an error if the elements provided through the arguments do not meet the constraints reported.

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