givitiCalibrationBeltTable: Table of the Calibration Belt Significant Deviations

Description Usage Arguments Value


givitiCalibrationBeltTable prints on the graphical area of the calibration belt plot the table that summarizes the significant deviations from the line of perfect calibration (i.e. the bisector of the I quadrant).


givitiCalibrationBeltTable(cb, tableStrings, grayLevels, xlim, ylim)



A givitiCalibrationBelt object, to be generated with the function givitiCalibrationBelt.


Optional. A list with four character elements named overBisString,underBisString,confLevelString, neverString. The four strings of the list are printed instead of the texts "Over the bisector"/"Under the bisector"/"Confidence level"/"NEVER" in the table reporting the intersections of the calibration belt with the bisector.


A vector containing the code of the gray levels used in the plot of the calibration belt.


Numeric vectors of length 2, giving the x and y coordinates ranges. Default values are c(0,1).


The function prints the table on the graphical area.

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