glmmBUGS: Generalised Linear Mixed Models with BUGS and JAGS

Automates running Generalized Linear Mixed Models, including spatial models, with WinBUGS, OpenBUGS and JAGS. Models are specified with formulas, with the package writings model files, arranging unbalanced data in ragged arrays, and creating starting values. The model is re-parameterized, and functions are provided for converting model outputs to the original parameterization.

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AuthorPatrick Brown, Lutong Zhou
Date of publication2016-09-22 01:23:55
MaintainerPatrick Brown <>

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addSpatial Man page
binToBinom Man page
checkChain Man page
cholInvArray Man page
getDesignMatrix Man page
getRaggedSeq Man page
getStartingValues Man page
glmmBUGS Man page
glmmPQLstrings Man page
mergeBugsData Man page
mergeBugsData,data.frame-method Man page
mergeBugsData-methods Man page
mergeBugsData,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-method Man page
muscleResult Man page
ontario Man page
ontarioResult Man page
popDataAdjMat Man page
restoreParams Man page
rongelapResult Man page
rongelapUTM Man page
startingFunction Man page
summaryChain Man page
winBugsRaggedArray Man page
writeBugsModel Man page

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