Man pages for glmmBUGS
Generalised Linear Mixed Models with BUGS and JAGS

addSpatialCalculate adjacency values for WinBUGS
binToBinomConvert Bernoulli observations to Binomial
checkChainPlot an MCMC run
cholInvArrayPrecision matrices to variance matrices for Winbugs output
getDesignMatrixComputes a design matrix from factors and interactions
getRaggedSeqGet one sequence for a ragged array
getStartingValuesExtract starting values for an MCMC chain from glmmPQL...
glmmBUGSA function to run Generalised Linear Mixed Models in Bugs
glmmPQLstringsAn alternat interface to glmmPQL
mergeBugsDataMerge results from BUGS into a data.frame or SPDF
muscleResultdata set contains muscle result
ontarioOntario data on molar cancer
ontarioResultOntario Winbugs Results
popDataAdjMatData set containing an adjacency matrix
restoreParamsReparametrise bugs output
rongelapUTMRongelap island data
startingFunctionWrite a function to generate random MCMC starting values
summaryChainCompute mean, standard deviation, and quantiles of an MCMC...
winBugsRaggedArrayRagged Arrays for multilevel models in BUGS
writeBugsModelWrite a bugs model file for a Generalised Linear Mixed Model
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