Man pages for gmm
Generalized Method of Moments and Generalized Empirical Likelihood

ATEgelATE with Generalized Empirical Likelihood estimation
breadBread for sandwiches
bwWilhelmWilhelm (2015) bandwidth selection
charStableThe characteristic function of a stable distribution
coefCoefficients of GEL or GMM
confintConfidence intervals for GMM or GEL
estfunExtracts the empirical moment function
FinanceReturns on selected stocks
FinResMethod to finalize the result of the momentEstim method
fittedFitted values of GEL and GMM
formulaFormula method for gel and gmm objects
gelGeneralized Empirical Likelihood estimation
getDatExtracting data from a formula
getLambSolving for the Lagrange multipliers of Generalized Empirical...
getModelMethod for setting the properties of a model
gmmGeneralized method of moment estimation
growthGrowth Data
KTestCompute the K statistics of Kleibergen
marginalMarginal effects Summary
momentEstimMethod for estimating models based on moment conditions
nswLalonde subsample of the National Supported Work...
plotPlot Diagnostics for gel and gmm objects
printPrinting a gmm or gel object
residualsResiduals of GEL or GMM
smoothGKernel smoothing of a matrix of time series
specTestCompute tests of specification
summaryMethod for object of class gmm or gel
sysGmmGeneralized method of moment estimation for system of...
tslsTwo stage least squares estimation
vcovVariance-covariance matrix of GMM or GEL
wageLabor Data
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