drive_update() errors if local media does not exist

  drive_update(dribble(), "nope123")
Error <rlang_error>
  No file exists at the local `media` path:
  x 'nope123'

drive_update() informatively errors if the path does not exist

  drive_update(nm_("does-not-exist"), system.file("DESCRIPTION"))
Error <rlang_error>
  `file` does not identify at least one Drive file.

drive_update() informatively errors if the path is not unique

  drive_update(nm_("not-unique"), system.file("DESCRIPTION"))
Error <rlang_error>
  `file` identifies more than one Drive file.

no op if no media, no metadata

  out <- drive_update(nm_("update-fodder"))
Message <cliMessage>
  ! No updates specified.

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