Man pages for gpDDE
General Profiling Method for Delay Differential Equation

blowflydataNicholson's Blowflies Data.
DDEdiagTime Series Diagnostics for the Residuals
DSIRdataSimulated dataset from a delay SIR model
DSIR.fitFitted Delay SIR model
DSIRfn.makeMake DTVSIR functions
DSIRInitCoefsInitial values for the spline coefficients for the Delay SIR...
DTVSIRfn.makeMake DTVSIR functions
forecast.DDECompute and Plot the Forecasts Based on a Fitted DDE Model
inneropt.DDEInner optimization for estmating coefficients given...
IntegrateForward.DDEIntergrate Forward a DDE Model
make.vector.disease.fnMake Vector Disease functions
Profile.LS.DDEProfile Estimation Functions for DDE
Profile.LS.TV.DDEProfile Estimation Functions for DDE with Time Varying...
sparse.DDESparsity selection for the lags of delay.
sparse.TV.DDESparsity selection for the lags of delay and time varying...
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