Man pages for gpuR
GPU Functions for R Objects

Arith-methodsArith methods
as.gpuMatrix-methodsConvert object to a gpuMatrix
as.gpuVector-methodsConvert object to a gpuVector
assert_has_doubleDoes device have 'double' support?
as.vclVector-methodsConvert object to a vclVector
cgpuMatrix-classcgpuMatrix Class
chol-methodsCholesky Decomposition of a gpuR matrix
colnames-methodsRow and Column Names
Compare-methodsCompare vector and gpuVector elements
cov-methodsCovariance (gpuR)
currentContextCurrent Context
currentDeviceCurrent Device Information
currentPlatformReturn Current Platform
custom_openclCustom OpenCL Kernels
cvclMatrix-classcvclMatrix Class
detectCPUsDetect Available OpenCL enabled CPUs
detectGPUsDetect Available GPUs
detectPlatformsDetect Number of Platforms
det-methodsCalculate Determinant of a Matrix on GPU
deviceHasDoubleCheck GPU double precision support
deviceInfoDevice Information
deviceTypeCheck device type
dgpuMatrix-classdgpuMatrix Class
dgpuVector-classdgpuVector Class
diag-methodsgpuR Matrix Diagonals
dim-methodsgpuMatrix/vclMatrix dim method
dist-vclMatrixGPU Distance Matrix Computations
dvclMatrix-classdvclMatrix Class
dvclVector-classdvclVector Class
eigen-gpuMatrixgpuMatrix Eigen Decomposition
extract-methods#' @rdname as.vclVector-methods #' @param shared Logical...
fgpuMatrix-classfgpuMatrix Class
fgpuVector-classfgpuVector Class
fvclMatrix-classfvclMatrix Class
fvclVector-classfvclVector Class
gpuMatrix-classgpuMatrix Class
gpuMatrix.colSumsRow and Column Sums and Means of gpuMatrix
gpuMatrix-crossprodgpuMatrix Crossproduct
gpuMatrix-methodsConstruct a gpuMatrix
gpuR-blockMatrix Blocks
gpuR-deepcopyCopy a "gpuR" object
gpuR-packageGPU functions for R Objects
gpuR-sliceVector Slices
gpuVector-classgpuVector Class
gpuVector-methodsConstruct a gpuVector
grapes-o-grapes-methodsOuter Product
grapes-times-grapes-methodsMatrix Multiplication
has_cpu_skipSkip test for CPUs
has_double_skipSkip test for GPU double precision
has_gpu_skipSkip test for GPUs
has_multiple_double_skipSkip test for multiple GPUs with double precision
has_multiple_gpu_skipSkip test in less than 2 GPUs
identity_matrixIdentity Matrix on Device
igpuMatrix-classigpuMatrix Class
igpuVector-classigpuVector Class
inplace-methodsInplace Function Wrapper
ivclMatrix-classivclMatrix Class
ivclVector-classivclVector Class
length-methodsgpuMatrix/vclMatrix length method
listContextsAvailable OpenCL Contexts
log-methodsgpuR Logarithms and Exponentials
Math-methodsgpuR Math methods
norm-methodsCompute the Norm of a Matrix
nrow-gpuRThe Number of Rows/Columns of a gpuR matrix
permute-methodsPermuting functions for 'gpuR' objects
platformInfoOpenCL Platform Information
pmax'Parallel' Maxima and Minima
pmin.vclVector# @rdname setGeneric("pmax", signature = "...")
pocl_checkPOCL Version Check
print.gpuMatrixS3 print for gpuMatrix objects
qr-methodsThe QR Decomposition of a gpuR matrix
qr.R-methodsReconstruct the Q or R Matrices from a gpuQR Object
setContextSet Context
set_device_contextSet Context for Specific Device Type
setup_openclSetup OpenCL Arguments
solve-methodsSolve a System of Equations for gpuR objects
Summary-methodsgpuR Summary methods
svd-methodsSingular Value Decomposition of a gpuR matrix
synchronizeSynchronize Device Execution
t-methods'gpuR' matrix transpose
typeof-gpuR-methodsGet gpuR object type
vclMatrix-classvclMatrix Class
vclMatrix.colSumsRow and Column Sums and Means of vclMatrix
vclMatrix-crossprodvclMatrix Crossproduct
vclMatrix-methodsConstruct a vclMatrix
vclVector-classvclVector Class
vclVector-methodsConstruct a vclVector
zgpuMatrix-classzgpuMatrix Class
zvclMatrix-classzvclMatrix Class
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