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This is the 'mother' class for all vclMatrix objects. These objects are pointers to viennacl matrices directly on the GPU. This will avoid the overhead of passing data back and forth between the host and device.

As such, any changes made to normal R 'copies' (e.g. A <- B) will be propogated to the parent object.

There are multiple child classes that correspond to the particular data type contained. These include ivclMatrix, fvclMatrix, and dvclMatrix corresponding to integer, float, and double data types respectively.


Common to all vclMatrix objects in the package


Pointer to data matrix


Integer index of OpenCL contexts


Integer index of OpenCL platforms


Name of OpenCL platform


Integer index of active device


Name of active device


R does not contain a native float type. As such, the matrix data within a fvclMatrix-class will be represented as double but downcast when any vclMatrix methods are used.

May also remove the type slot


Charles Determan Jr.

See Also

ivclMatrix-class, fvclMatrix-class, dvclMatrix-class

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