Man pages for grantham
Calculate the 'Grantham' Distance

amino_acid_pairsGenerate amino acid pairs
amino_acidsThe 20 standard amino acids
amino_acids_propertiesAmino acid side chain property values
as_one_letterConvert three-letter amino acid codes to one-letter codes
as_three_letterConvert one-letter amino acid codes to three-letter codes
grantham_distanceGrantham distance
grantham_distance_exactGrantham's distance (exact)
grantham_distance_originalGrantham's distance (original)
grantham_distances_matrixGrantham distance matrix
grantham_equationGrantham distance
grantham-packagegrantham: Calculate the 'Grantham' Distance
ij2kConvert an (i, j) index to a linear index.
pipePipe operator
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