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Graceful 'ggplot'-Based Graphics and Other Functions for GAMs Fitted Using 'mgcv'

add_constantAdd a constant to estimated values
add_fittedAdd fitted values from a model to a data frame
add_fitted.gamAdd fitted values from a GAM to a data frame
add_partial_residualsAdd partial residuals
add_residualsAdd residuals from a model to a data frame
add_residuals.gamAdd residuals from a GAM to a data frame
appraiseModel diagnostic plots
basisBasis expansions for smooths
bird_moveSimulated bird migration data
check_user_select_smoothsSelect smooths based on user's choices
coef.scamExtract coefficients from a fitted 'scam' model.
confint.fderivPoint-wise and simultaneous confidence intervals for...
confint.gamPoint-wise and simultaneous confidence intervals for smooths
datagenGenerate data over the range of variables used in smooths
data_simSimulate example data for fitting GAMs
data_slicePrepare a data slice through covariates
derivativesDerivatives of estimated smooths via finite differences
difference_smoothsDifferences of factor smooth interactions
drawGeneric plotting via 'ggplot2'
draw.derivativesPlot derivatives of smooths
draw.difference_smoothPlot differences of smooths
draw.evaluated_smoothPlot estimated smooths
draw.gamPlot estimated smooths from a fitted GAM
draw.mgcv_smoothPlot basis functions
draw.penalty_dfDisplay penalty matrices of smooths using 'ggplot'
draw.smooth_samplesPlot posterior smooths
eval_smoothS3 methods to evaluate individual smooths
evaluate_smoothEvaluate a smooth
family.gamExtract family objects from models
fderivFirst derivatives of fitted GAM functions
fix_offsetFix the names of a data frame containing an offset variable.
get_by_smoothExtract an factor-by smooth by name
get_smoothExtract an mgcv smooth by name
get_smooths_by_idExtract an mgcv smooth given its position in the model object
gss_vocabData from the General Social Survey (GSS) from the National...
is_by_smoothTests for by variable smooths
is_factor_termIs a model term a factor (categorical)?
is_mgcv_smoothCheck if objects are smooths or are a particular type of...
is_offsetIs a model term an offset?
linkExtract link and inverse link functions from models
load_mgcvLoad mgcv quietly
n_smoothsHow many smooths in a fitted model
observed_fitted_plotPlot of fitted against observed response values
parametric_termsNames of any parametric terms in a GAM
partial_residualsPartial residuals
penaltyExtract and tidy penalty matrices
posterior_samplesDraw samples from the posterior distribution of an estimated...
predicted_samplesDraw fitted values from the posterior distribution
qq_plotQuantile-quantile plot of model residuals
ref_simsReference simulation data
rep_first_factor_valueRepeat the first level of a factor n times
residuals_hist_plotHistogram of model residuals
residuals_linpred_plotPlot of residuals versus linear predictor values
seq_min_maxCreate a sequence of evenly-spaced values
seq_min_max_epsCreate a sequence of evenly-spaced values adjusted to...
shift_valuesShift numeric values in a data frame by an amount 'eps'
simulateSimulate from the posterior distribution of a GAM
smallAgesLead-210 age-depth measurements for Small Water
smooth_coefsIndices of the parametric terms for a particular smooth
smooth_dimDimension of a smooth
smooth_estimatesNew 'evaluate_smooth()' alike
smoothsNames of smooths in a GAM
smooth_samplesPosterior draws for individual smooths
term_variablesNames of variables involved in a specified model term
tidy_basisA tidy basis representation of a smooth object
transform_funTransform estimated values and confidence intervals by...
vars_from_labelReturns names of variables from a smooth label
which_smoothsIdentify a smooth term by its label
zooplanktonMadison lakes zooplankton data
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