Monthly employment counts from 1990 - 2013 from the Current Population Survey


Monthly employment counts published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Current Population Survey (CPS) for each of N = 51 states (including the District of Columbia). This dataset covers T = 278 months from 1990 the first two months of 2013. The data include a N x T matrix, y_raw, of raw employment counts, as well as set of standardized values, y, where the standardization is done within state. The standardized data matrix is used in our gpdpgrow and gmrfdpgrow estimating functions because the standardization facilitates comparisons of the time-series across states.




A list object of 5 objects supporting a data matrix of N = 51 state time series for T = 278 months.


  • y. An (N = 51) x (T = 278) matrix of standardized employment count estimates for N = 51 states for T = 278 months, beginning in 1990. The counts are standardized to (0,1) for each state series

  • y_raw. An N x T matrix of estimated monthly employment counts for N = 51 states.

  • st. Two-digit labels for each of the N states in the order presented in y and y_raw.

  • dte. A Date vector of length T that presents the set of dates (in y-m-d format) associated to the T time points presented in y and y_raw.

  • yr. A number vector listing sequence of years, 1990 - 2013 included in the data set.

  • yr_label. A numerical vector of length T = 278 with year labels for each monthly employment count in the cps data set.

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