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The data is from an experiment in a Smarthouse in the Plant Accelerator and is decribed by Watts-Williams et al. (2019). The experiment involves 32 plants, each placed in a pot in a cart, and the carts were assigned 8 treatments using a randomized complete-block design. The main response is Projected Shoot Area (Area for short), being the sum of the plant pixels from three images. The eight treatments were the combinations of 4 Zinc (Zn) levels by two Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi (AMF) levls. Each plant was imaged on 35 different days after planting (DAPs). It is used to explore the analysis of growth dynamics.




A data.frame containing 14784 observations on 33 variables. The names of the columns in the data.frame are:

Column Name Class Description
1 Lane factor the Lane in the 2 Lane x 16 Positions grid.
2 Position factor the Position in the 2 Lane x 16 Positions grid.
3 DAP factor the numbers of days after planting on which the current
data was observed.
4 Snapshot.ID.Tag character a unique identifier for each cart in the experiment.
5 xDAP numeric a centered numberic covariate for DAP.
6 Days.diffs numeric the number of Days between this and the previous
observations (all one for this experiment).
7 xPosn numeric a centered numeric covaariate for Positions.
8 Block factor the block of the randomized complete-block design to
which the current cart belonged.
9 Cart factor the number of the cart within a block.
10 AMF factor the AMF treatment (- AMF, +AMF) assigned to the
11 Zn factor the Zinc level (0, 10, 40, 90) assigned to the cart.
12 Treatments factor the combined factor formed from AMF and Zn with
levels: (-,0; -,10; -,40; -,90; +,0; +,10; +,40; +,90).
12 Weight.After numeric the weight of the cart after watering.
13 Water.Amount numeric the amount of water added to the cart.
14 Water.Loss numeric the amount of water lost since the previous watering.
15 Area numeric the total number of plant pixels in three plant images.


Watts-Williams SJ, Jewell N, Brien C, Berger B, Garnett T, Cavagnaro TR (2019) Using high-throughput phenotyping to explore growth responses to mycorrhizal fungi and zinc in three plant species. Plant Phenomics, 2019, 12.

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