Man pages for gtools
Various R Programming Tools

ascConvert between characters and ASCII codes
ASCIIfyConvert Characters to ASCII
askDisplay a prompt and collect the user's response
badDendDataset That Crashes Base:::Plot.Dendogram with 'Node Stack...
baseOfTransform an integer to an array of base-n digits
binsearchBinary Search
capwordsCapitalize Words for Titles
checkRVersionCheck if a newer version of R is available
combinationsEnumerate the Combinations or Permutations of the Elements of...
defmacroDefine a macro
dirichletFunctions for the Dirichlet Distribution
ELISAData from an ELISA assay
foldchangeCompute fold-change or convert between log-ratio and...
getDependenciesGet package dependencies
gtools-defunctDefunct Functions in package 'gtools'
gtools-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in the gtools package
invalidTest if a value is missing, empty, or contains only NA or...
keywordsList valid keywords for R man pages
lastAddNon-destructively construct a .Last function to be executed...
loadedPackagesProvide Name, Version, and Path of Loaded Package Namespaces
logitGeneralized logit and inverse logit function
mixedsortOrder or Sort strings with embedded numbers so that the...
na.replaceReplace Missing Values
oddevenDetect odd/even integers
permuteRandomly Permute the Elements of a Vector
quantcutCreate a Factor Variable Using the Quantiles of a Continuous...
roman2intConvert Roman Numerals to Integers
runningApply a Function Over Adjacent Subsets of a Vector
scatDisplay debugging text
setTCPNoDelayModify the TCP\_NODELAY ('de-Nagle') flag for socket objects
smartbindEfficient rbind of data frames, even if the column names...
split_pathSplit a File Path into Components
stars.pvalGenerate significance stars from p-values
unByteCodeConvert a Byte-Code Function to an Interpreted-Code Function
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