Man pages for hJAM
Hierarchical Joint Analysis of Marginal Summary Statistics

betas.GyExample beta list of hJAM
conditional_AExample conditional A matrix of hJAM
get_cond_ACompute conditional Z matrix
get_cond_alphaCompute conditional alphas
GlExample reference data of hJAM
hJAM_eggerFit hJAM with Egger regression
hJAM_lnregFit hJAM with linear regression
marginal_AExample marginal A matrix of hJAM
output.formatKeep the output as three digits
print.hJAM_eggerPrint out for hJAM_egger
print.hJAM_lnregPrint out for hJAM_lnreg
SNPs_heatmapHeatmap for all the SNPs used in the analysis
SNPs_infoExample SNPs' information of hJAM
SNPs_scatter_plotScatter plot for all the SNPs used in the analysis
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