get.movements: Summarize Detected Movements

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get.movements summarizes the results of detect.movement.


get.movements(movement, hm, features = NULL)



numeric matrix computed with detect.movement.


a hierarchical block matrix computed with hbm, with:
hm_{i,j} = the minimal scale (iteration) at which i and j were clustered together, or 0 if i=j


one or more feature matrices computed with hbm.features, used to indicate if the movement is detected within a robust feature. Set to NULL by default. When more than one matrix is provided features should be a list of matrices.


get.movements returns a data frame with the following columns:
from: the moving node,
to: the node that from has moved towards or away from,
type: one of the following values: (-1.0, 0.5, 0.5, 1) where -1 indicates from moved away from to, 1 indicates from moved towards to, and -0.5 and 0.5 indicate possible/implicated movements correspondingly,
scale: the scale at which the movement was detected, and
robust an optional column (when features is not NULL) with 1 for non-NA elements in the features matrix, and 0 otherwise.


Yoli Shavit


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