Man pages for hiddenf
The All-Configurations, Maximum-Interaction F-Test for Hidden Additivity

additivityPvaluesNon-additivity pvalues
anova.HiddenFanova function for the class 'HiddenF'
Boik.mtxMulti-headed Machine Data
cjejuni.mtxAnnual prevalence of C.jejuni strain of Campylobacter
cnv1.mtxCopy Number Dataset, Probe #1
cnvall.mtxCopy Number Variation
Graybill.mtxWheat Yields
HiddenFHidden F function for matrix data
hiddenf-packageTests for nonadditivity using the hidden F test
KKSAPvalueKharrati-Kopaei and Sadooghi-Alvandi's test for...
MalikPvalueMalik's test for non-additivity
MalikTabMalik's critical values
MandelPvalueMandel's rows-linear test for non-additivity
plot.HiddenFInteraction plot
print.HiddenFPrinting hiddenf objects
summary.HiddenFSummary function for the class "HiddenF"
TukeyPvalueTukey's single degree of freedom test for nonadditivity
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