Man pages for hisemi
Hierarchical Semiparametric Regression of Test Statistics

coef.hisemitExtracts fitted parameters from a hisemit object
confint.hisemitExtract Wald-type asymptotic confidence intervals from a...
directSumDirect sum of matrices
EMupdateUtility function performing EM algorithm updates
fitted.hisemitExtract fitted values from a hisemit object
hisemi-internalinternal functions not to be used by users directly
hisemi-packageHierarchical semiparametric regression model to a large...
logistic.enpFit a logistic curve to the raw effective number of...
logitLogit link and its inverse
logLik.hisemitExtract the log likelihood from a hisemit object
n.knotsNumber of spline knots
NRupdateUtility function performing Newton-Raphson algorithm updates
OsplinePenO-spline penalty matrix
penLik.EMNewtonFits hierarchical semiparametric regression model to...
plot.hisemitPlot a hisemit object
print.hisemitPrint a summary of a hisemit object
resid.hisemitExtract residuals from a hisemit object
rtPseudo-random number generation from t-distribution
scaledTMix.nullFit the null model to t-statistics
scaledTMix.psatFits a partially saturated model to t-statistics
scaledTMix.satFits saturated model to t-statistics
tPoly.newtonFits hierarchical global polynomial regression model to...
vcov.hisemitExtract the asymptotic variance-covariance matrix of a...
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