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Get men's college basketball AP and Coaches Poll rankings from ESPN


Get men's college basketball AP and Coaches Poll rankings from ESPN




Returns a tibble

col_name types
id integer
name character
short_name character
type character
headline character
short_headline character
current integer
previous integer
points numeric
first_place_votes integer
trend character
date character
last_updated character
record_summary character
team_id integer
team_uid character
team_location character
team_name character
team_nickname character
team_abbreviation character
team_color character
team_logo character
occurrence_number integer
occurrence_type character
occurrence_last logical
occurrence_value character
occurrence_display_value character
season_year integer
season_start_date character
season_end_date character
season_display_name character
season_type_type integer
season_type_name character
season_type_abbreviation character
season_futures_ref character
first_occurrence_type character
first_occurrence_value character


Saiem Gilani

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# Get current AP and Coaches Poll rankings


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