kp_coach_history: *Get KenPom's coaching resume data*

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kp_coach_historyR Documentation

Get KenPom's coaching resume data


Get KenPom's coaching resume data





Coach filter to select.


A data frame with 30 columns:

col_name types
year numeric
team_rk numeric
team character
coach character
conf character
adj_t character
adj_o character
adj_d character
off_e_fg_pct character
off_to_pct character
off_or_pct character
off_ft_rate character
off_fg_2_pct character
off_fg_3_pct character
off_ft_pct character
off_fg_3a_pct character
off_a_pct character
off_apl character
def_e_fg_pct character
def_to_pct character
def_or_pct character
def_ft_rate character
def_fg_2_pct character
def_fg_3_pct character
def_blk_pct character
def_fg_3a_pct character
def_a_pct character
def_apl character
foul2partic_pct character
wl character
wl_conf character
adj_t_rk numeric
adj_o_rk numeric
adj_d_rk numeric
off_e_fg_pct_rk numeric
off_to_pct_rk numeric
off_or_pct_rk numeric
off_ft_rate_rk numeric
off_fg_2_pct_rk numeric
off_fg_3_pct_rk numeric
off_ft_pct_rk numeric
off_fg_3a_pct_rk numeric
off_a_pct_rk numeric
off_apl_rk numeric
def_e_fg_pct_rk numeric
def_to_pct_rk numeric
def_or_pct_rk numeric
def_ft_rate_rk numeric
def_fg_2_pct_rk numeric
def_fg_3_pct_rk numeric
def_blk_pct_rk numeric
def_fg_3a_pct_rk numeric
def_a_pct_rk numeric
def_apl_rk numeric
foul2partic_pct_rk numeric
team_finish character
ncaa_seed numeric

See Also

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   try(kp_coach_history(coach = 'Leonard Hamilton'))

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