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A point-by-point analysis of a basketball game




Dataset NBA_table is a dataframe contains a point-by-point analysis of a basketball match. Each row corresponds to a point scored. The first column is the time of the score, the second is the number of points scored, the third shows which team had possession at the start of play, and the fourth shows which team scored. The other columns show the players. Table entries show whether or not that particular player was on the pitch when the point was scored.

Likelihood function NBA is a hyper2 object that gives the log-likelihood function for this dataset. There is a player named “possession” that is a reified entity representing the effect of possession.

Object NBA_maxp is not the result of running maxp(NBA); it was obtained by repeatedly running maxp_simplex() on a fault-tolerant system [it triggers a known R bug, bugzilla id 17703, giving a “wmmin not finite” error]. It is not clear to me that likelihood function NBA has a well-defined global maximum.

Note that function volley() is not applicable because we need to include possession.

These objects can be generated by running script inst/NBA.Rmd, which includes some further discussion and technical documentation and creates file NBA.rda which resides in the data/ directory.


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