Man pages for hyper2
The Hyperdirichlet Distribution, Mark 2

character_to_numberConvert a character vector to a numeric vector
chessChess playing dataset
cplusplusWrappers to c calls
ExtractExtract or replace parts of a hyper2 object
fillupFillup function
ggolOrder statistics
gradientDifferential calculus
head.hyper2First few terms of a distribution
hyper2Basic functions in the hyper2 package
hyper2-packageA generalization of the Dirichlet distribution
lhyper2Log likelihood functions
masterchefMasterchef series 6
maxpMaximum likelihood estimation
mult_gridKronecker matrix functionality
Ops.hyper2Arithmetic Ops Group Methods for hyper2 objects
PrintPrint methods
rowingRowing dataset, sculling
rrankRandom ranks
rugbySuper Rugby 2016 data
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