Man pages for hyper2
The Hyperdirichlet Distribution, Mark 2

as.ordertableConvert an order table with DNS entries to a nice order table
BNormalizing constant for the hyperdirichlet distribution
character_to_numberConvert a character vector to a numeric vector
chessChess playing dataset
consistencyConsistency check for hyper2 objects
cplusplusWrappers to c calls
curlingCurling at the Winter Olympics, 1998-2018
dirichletDirichlet distribution and generalizations
eurodanceEurovision Dance contest dataset
eurovisionEurovision Song contest dataset
ExtractExtract or replace parts of a hyper2 object
fillupFillup function
formula1Formula 1 dataset
ggrlOrder statistics
gradientDifferential calculus
handoverDataset on communication breakdown in handover between...
head.hyper2First few terms of a distribution
hyper2Basic functions in the hyper2 package
hyper2-packageThe Hyperdirichlet Distribution, Mark 2
iconsDataset on climate change due to O'Neill
incrementIncrement and decrement operators
interzonal1963 World Chess Championships
jesterJester dataset
karateKarate dataset
keepKeep or discard players
kkaKarpov, Kasparov, Anand
lengthLength method for hyper2 objects
loglikLog likelihood functions
masterchefMasterchef series 6
matrix2suppConvert a matrix to a likelihood function
maxpMaximum likelihood estimation
motoMotoGP dataset
mult_gridKronecker matrix functionality
NBABasketball dataset
Ops.hyper2Arithmetic Ops Group Methods for hyper2 objects
ordertableOrder tables
ordertable2pointsCalculate points from an order table
ordertable2suppTranslate order tables to support functions
ordertransOrder transformation
powerboatPowerboat dataset
PrintPrint methods
profileProfile likelihood and support
psubsSubstitute players of a hyper2 object
pwaPlayer with advantage
ranktableConvert rank tables to and from order tables
rhyper2Random 'hyper2' objects
rowingRowing dataset, sculling
rpRandom samples from the prior of a 'hyper2' object
rrankRandom ranks
skatingFigure skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics
solingSailing at the 2000 Summer Olympics - soling
SummarySummary method for hyper2 objects
suplistMethods for suplist objects
surfingSurfing dataset
T20Indian Premier League T20 cricket
table_tennisMatch outcomes from repeated table tennis matches
tennisMatch outcomes from repeated doubles tennis matches
testsHypothesis testing
tidyTidy up a hyper2 object
universitiesNew Zealand University ranking data
volleyballResults from the NOCS volleyball league
volvoRace results from the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race
zapweakZap weak competitors
zipfZipf's law
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