Man pages for icenReg
Regression Models for Interval Censored Data

bayesControlsControl parameters for ic_bayes
cs2icConvert current status data into interval censored format
diag_baselineCompare parametric baseline distributions with...
diag_covarEvaluate covariate effect for regression model
getFitEstsGet Survival Curve Estimates from icenReg Model
getSCurvesGet Estimated Survival Curves from Semi-parametric Model for...
ic_bayesBayesian Regression Models for Interval Censored Data
ic_npNon-Parametric Estimator for Interval Censored Data
ic_parParametric Regression Models for Interval Censored Data
ic_sampleDraw samples from an icenReg model
ic_spSemi-Parametric models for Interval Censored Data
imputeCensImpute Interval Censored Data from icenReg Regression Model
ir_clustBootUpdates the covariance using cluster bootstrap
IR_diabetesInterval censored time from diabetes onset to diabetic...
lines.icenReg_fitPlotting for icenReg Fits
makeCtrls_icspControl Parameters for ic_sp
miceDataLung Tumor Interval Censored Data from Hoel and Walburg 1972
plot.icenReg_fitPlotting for icenReg Fits
predict.icenReg_fitPredictions from icenReg Regression Model
sampleSurvSamples fitted survival function
simCS_weibSimulate Current Status Data
simDC_weibSimulate Doubly Censored Data
simIC_clusterSimulates data with multiple observations per subject
simIC_weibSimulates interval censored data from regression model with a...
survCIsConfidence/Credible intervals for survival curves
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