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Image Processing Library Based on 'CImg'

add.colourAdd colour channels to a grayscale image or pixel set
as.cimgConvert to cimg object
as.cimg.arrayTurn an numeric array into a cimg object an image from a data.frame
as.cimg.functionCreate an image by sampling a function
as.cimg.rasterConvert a raster object to a cimg object a pixel image to a data.frame image list to data.frame to convert pixsets to various objects
as.igraph.cimgForm a graph from an image
as.igraph.pixsetForm an adjacency graph from a pixset
as.imlistConvert various objects to image lists
as.pixsetMethods to convert various objects to pixsets
as.raster.cimgConvert a cimg object to a raster object for plotting
atReturn or set pixel value at coordinates
autocropAutocrop image region
bboxCompute the bounding box of a pixset
blur_anisotropicBlur image anisotropically, in an edge-preserving way.
boatsPhotograph of sailing boats from Kodak set
boundaryFind the boundary of a shape in a pixel set
boxblurBlur image with a box filter (square window)
boxblur_xyBlur image with a box filter.
bucketfillBucket fill
cannyEdgesCanny edge detector
capture.plotCapture the current R plot device as a cimg image
center.stencilCenter stencil at a location
channelsSplit a colour image into a list of separate channels
ciConcatenation for image lists
cimgCreate a cimg object
cimg2imConvert cimg to spatstat im object
cimg.dimensionsImage dimensions
cimg.extractVarious shortcuts for extracting colour channels, frames, etc
cimg.use.openmpControl CImg's parallelisation
circlesAdd circles to plot
cleanClean up and fill in pixel sets (morphological opening and...
coloriseFill in a colour in an area given by a pixset
common_pixsetsVarious useful pixsets
contoursReturn contours of image/pixset
coord.indexCoordinates from pixel index
correlateCorrelation/convolution of image by filter
crop.bordersCrop the outer margins of an image
dericheApply recursive Deriche filter.
diffusion_tensorsCompute field of diffusion tensors for edge-preserving...
displacementEstimate displacement field between two images.
displayDisplay object using CImg library
display.cimgDisplay image using CImg library
display.listDisplay image list using CImg library
distance_transformCompute Euclidean distance function to a specified value.
draw_circleDraw circle on image
draw_rectDraw rectangle on image
draw_textDraw text on an image
erodeErode/dilate image by a structuring element.
extract_patchesExtract image patches and return a list
FFTCompute the Discrete Fourier Transform of an image
flatten.alphaFlatten alpha channel
framesSplit a video into separate frames
get_gradientCompute image gradient.
get_hessianReturn image hessian.
get.locationsReturn coordinates of subset of pixels
get.stencilReturn pixel values in a neighbourhood defined by a stencil
grabSelect image regions interactively
grapes-inr-grapesCheck that value is in a range
grayscaleConvert an RGB image to grayscale
growGrow/shrink a pixel set
gsdimGrayscale dimensions of image
haarCompute Haar multiscale wavelet transform.
highlightHighlight pixel set on image
hough_circleCircle detection using Hough transform
hough_lineHough transform for lines
idplySplit an image along axis, apply function, return a...
iiplySplit an image, apply function, recombine the results as an...
ilplySplit an image along axis, apply function, return a list
im2cimgConvert an image in spatstat format to an image in cimg...
imagerimager: an R library for image processing, based on CImg
imager.colourspacesColour space conversions in imager
imager.combineCombining images
imager.replaceReplace part of an image with another
imager.subsetArray subset operator for cimg objects
imappendCombine a list of images into a single image
imchangeModify parts of an image
imcoordCoordinates as images
imdiracGenerates a "dirac" image, i.e. with all values set to 0...
imdrawDraw image on another image
imevalEvaluation in an image context
imfillCreate an image of custom size by filling in repeated values
imgradientCompute image gradient
imhessianCompute image hessian.
iminfoReturn information on image file
imlapCompute image Laplacian
imlistImage list
imnoiseGenerate (Gaussian) white-noise image
implotPlot objects on image using base graphics
imrepReplicate images
imrotateRotate an image along the XY plane.
imsharpenSharpen image.
imshiftShift image content.
imsplitSplit an image along a certain axis (producing a list)
im_splitSplit an image along a certain axis (producing a list)
imsubSelect part of an image
imwarpImage warping
index.coordLinear index in internal vector from pixel coordinates
inpaintFill-in NA values in an image
interactBuild simple interactive interfaces using imager
interpInterpolate image values
is.cimgChecks that an object is a cimg object
is.imlistCheck that an object is an imlist object
isoblurBlur image isotropically.
is.pixsetCheck that an object is a pixset object
labelLabel connected components.
liplyApply function to each element of a list, then combine the...
load.dirLoad all images in a directory
load.exampleLoad example image
load.imageLoad image from file or URL
load.videoLoad a video using ffmpeg
magickConvert a magick image to a cimg image or image list
make.videoMake/save a video using ffmpeg
map_ilType-stable map for use with the purrr package
medianblurBlur image with the median filter. In a window of size n x n...
mirrorMirror image content along specified axis
nflinePlot a line, Hesse normal form parameterisation
padPad image with n pixels along specified axis
patchstatReturn image patch summary
patch_summary_cimgExtract a numerical summary from image patches, using CImg's...
periodic.partCompute the periodic part of an image, using the...
permute_axesPermute image axes
pixel.gridReturn the pixel grid for an image
pixsetPixel sets (pixsets)
playPlay a video
plot.cimgDisplay an image using base graphics
plot.imlistPlot an image list
px.floodSelect a region of homogeneous colour
px.naA pixset for NA values
RasterPackageConvert a RasterLayer/RasterBrick to a cimg image/image list
renormRenormalise image
resizeResize image
resize_uniformResize image uniformly
rm.alphaRemove alpha channel and store as attribute
rotate_xyRotate image by an arbitrary angle, around a center point.
save.imageSave image
split_connectedSplit pixset into connected components
squeezeRemove empty dimensions from an array
stencil.crossA cross-shaped stencil
thresholdThreshold grayscale image
vanvlietYoung-Van Vliet recursive Gaussian filter.
warpWarp image
watershedCompute watershed transform.
whereReturn locations in pixel set
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