A Short Introduction to the immcp Package

This R package was a toolkit for TCM polypharmacology research. Based on the biological descriptors and drug-disease interaction networks, it can analyze the potential polypharmacological mechanisms of TCM and be used for drug repositioning in TCM.

1 Prepare data

drug_herb <- PrepareData(drugdemo$drug_herb, from = "drug", to="herb")
herb_compound <- PrepareData(drugdemo$herb_compound, from = "herb", to="compound")
compound_target <- PrepareData(drugdemo$compound_target, from = "compound", to="target")
disease <- PrepareData(drugdemo$disease, diseaseID = "disease",from = "target", to="target")
BasicData <- CreateBasicData(drug_herb, herb_compound, compound_target, diseasenet = disease)

2 Network Visualization

DisDrugNet <- CreateDisDrugNet(BasicData, drug = "Drug1",     disease = "disease")
plot_graph(DisDrugNet, size = 20)

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