imputeMulti: Imputation Methods for Multivariate Multinomial Data

Implements imputation methods using EM and Data Augmentation for multinomial data following the work of Schafer 1997 <ISBN: 978-0-412-04061-0>.

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AuthorAlex Whitworth [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-02-12 08:31:07
MaintainerAlex Whitworth <>

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data_dep_prior_multi Man page
get_imputations Man page
get_imputations,imputeMulti-method Man page
get_iterations Man page
get_iterations,mod_imputeMulti-method Man page
get_logLik Man page
get_logLik,mod_imputeMulti-method Man page
get_method Man page
get_method,mod_imputeMulti-method Man page
get_parameters Man page
get_parameters,mod_imputeMulti-method Man page
get_prior Man page
get_prior,mod_imputeMulti-method Man page
imputeMulti-class Man page
is.imputeMulti Man page
is.mod_imputeMulti Man page
merge_imputed Man page
mod_imputeMulti-class Man page
multinomial_data_aug Man page
multinomial_em Man page
multinomial_impute Man page
multinomial_stats Man page
n_miss Man page
n_miss,imputeMulti-method Man page
show-imputeMulti Man page
show,imputeMulti-method Man page
show-mod_imputeMulti Man page
show,mod_imputeMulti-method Man page
summary,imputeMulti-method Man page
summary,mod_imputeMulti-method Man page
tract2221 Man page

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