tract2221: Observational data on individuals living in census tract 2221

tract2221R Documentation

Observational data on individuals living in census tract 2221


A dataset containing attributes of 3974 individuals living in census tract 2221 in Los Angeles County, CA. Data comes from the 5-year American Community Survey with end year 2014. Missing values have been inserted.




A data.frame with 3974 rows and 10 variables. All variables are of class factor:


The individual's age coded in roughly 5 year age buckets.


The indiviudals gender – Male, Female


The individuals marital status. Takes one of 5 levels: never_mar never married; married married; mar_apart married but living apart; divorced divorced; and widowed widowed


The individual's educational attainment. Takes one of 7 levels: lt_hs less than high school; some_hs completed some high school but did not graduate; hs_grad high school graduate; some_col completed some college but did not graduate; assoc_dec completed an associates degree; ba_deg obtained a bachelors degree; grad_deg obtained a graduate or professional degree


The individuals employment status. Takes one of 3 levels: employed individual is in the labor force and employed; unemployed individual is in the labor force and unemployed; not_in_labor_force individual is not in the labor force


The individual's nativity status. Takes one of 4 values: born_state_residence born in the state of residence; born_other_state born in another US state; born_out_us a US citizen born outside the US; foreigner foreign born


The individual's poverty status in the past year. Takes one of 2 levels: below_pov_level below the poverty level; at_above_pov_level at or above the poverty level


The individual's geographic mobility in the last year. Takes one of 5 values: same house lived in the same house; same county moved within the same county; same state moved within the same state; same state moved from a different county within the same state; diff state moved from a different state; moved from abroad moved from another country


The individual's annual income. Takes one of 9 levels: no_income no income; 1_lt10k income <$10,000; 10k_lt15k $10000-$14999; 15k_lt25k $15000-$24999; 25k_lt35k $25000-$34999; 35k_lt50k $35000-$49999; 50k_lt65k $50000-$64999; 65k_lt75k $65000-$74999; gt75k $75000+


The individual's ethnicity.

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