Man pages for imputeMulti
Imputation Methods for Multivariate Multinomial Data

data_dep_prior_multiData Dependent Prior for Multinomial Distribution
imputeMulti-classClass "imputeMulti"
is.imputeMultiCheck imputeMulti Class
is.mod_imputeMultiCheck mod_imputeMulti Class
merge_imputedMerge imputed data and original dataset
mod_imputeMulti-classClass "mod_imputeMulti"
multinomial_data_augData Augmentation algorithm for multinomial data
multinomial_emEM algorithm for multinomial data
multinomial_imputeImpute Values for missing multinomial values
multinomial_statsMultinomial Sufficient Statistics
summary-imputeMulti-methodSummarizing imputMulti objects
summary-mod_imputeMulti-methodSummarizing mod_imputMulti objects
supDistCCalculate the sup of L1 distance between x and y
tract2221Observational data on individuals living in census tract 2221
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