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The incidental package provides an empirical Bayes estimator for fitting incidence curves from a specified delay distribution, which describes the probability that a case will be reported on day d after infection.


To learn more about incidental, start with the vignettes: 'browseVignettes(package = "incidental")'

Incidental functions

fit_incidence: main function for fitting incidence.

incidence_to_df: utility function to translate output of fit_incidence into a data frame.

plot: plots the results of fit_incidence.


spanish_flu_delay_dist: incidence to death delay distribution for the Spanish Flu.

spanish_flu: flu mortality data for Indiana, Kansas, and Philadelphia from 1919-09-01 through 1919-12-31.

covid_delay_dist: incidence to recorded cases, hospitalization, and death delay distribution for COVID-19.

covid_new_york_city: incidence to recorded cases, hospitalization, and death for New York City for COVID-19.


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