inpdfr: Analyse Text Documents Using Ecological Tools

A set of functions and a graphical user interface to analyse and compare texts, using classical text mining functions, as well as those from theoretical ecology.

AuthorRebaudo Francois (IRD, UMR EGCE, Univ.ParisSud-CNRS-IRD- Univ.ParisSaclay)
Date of publication2017-02-27 21:48:03
MaintainerRebaudo Francois <>

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Man pages

askQuit: RGtk2 GUI function: ask confirmation to quit if topright...

checkEntry: RGtk2 GUI function: check data validity in entries.

doCA: Performs a correspondance analysis on the basis of the...

doCluster: Performs a cluster analysis on the basis of the...

doKmeansClust: Performs a k-means cluster analysis on the basis of the...

doMetacomEntropart: Performs an analysis of ecological diversity and structure.

doMetacomMetacom: Performs a metacomunity analysis.

excludeStopWords: Exclude StopWords form the word-occurrence data.frame.

exclusionList_FR: Stop words in French.

exclusionList_SP: Stop words in Spanish.

exclusionList_UK: Stop words in English.

getAllAnalysis: A quick way to compute a set of analysis from the...

getListFiles: List files in a specified directory sorted by extension.

getMostFreqWord: Returns most frequent words.

getMostFreqWordCor: Test for correlation between the most frequent words.

getPDF: Extract text from PDF files and return a word-occurrence...

getStopWords: Load a list of stopwords.

getSummaryStatsBARPLOT: Perform a barplot with the number of unique words per...

getSummaryStatsHISTO: Plot an histogram with the number of words excluding stop...

getSummaryStatsOCCUR: Plot a scatter plot with the proportion of documents using...

getTXT: Extract text from TXT files and return a word-occurrence...

getwordOccuDF: A quick way to obtain the word-occurrence data.frame from a...

getXFreqWord: Returns most frequent words

IdentifyStructure: Copy of the identifyStructure function from Tad Dallas...

inpdfr: inpdfr: A package to analyse PDF Files Using Ecological...

loadGUI: RGtk2 GUI function: Load the Graphical user Interface

loremIpsum: Lorem Ipsum text.

makeMainWindowsContent: RGtk2 GUI function: dynamic content of main window.

makeMenuMainWindow: RGtk2 GUI function: main window.

makeWordcloud: Word cloud based on the word-occurrence data.frame.

mergeWordFreq: Merge word-occurrence data.frames into a single data.frame.

open_cb: RGtk2 GUI function: open a window in order to choose the...

open_cbFile: RGtk2 GUI function: open a window in order to choose an R...

postProcTxt: Prossess vectors containing words into a data.frame of word...

preProcTxt: Extract text from txt files and pre-process content.

quitSpaceFromChars: Delete spaces in file names.

switchOffDialogWait: RGtk2 GUI function: switch off the "Processing..." message.

switchOnDialogWait: RGtk2 GUI function: switch on the "Processing..." message.

truncNumWords: Truncate the word-occurrence data.frame.


askQuit Man page
checkEntry Man page
doCA Man page
doCluster Man page
doKmeansClust Man page
doMetacomEntropart Man page
doMetacomMetacom Man page
excludeStopWords Man page
exclusionList_FR Man page
exclusionList_SP Man page
exclusionList_UK Man page
getAllAnalysis Man page
getListFiles Man page
getMostFreqWord Man page
getMostFreqWordCor Man page
getPDF Man page
getStopWords Man page
getSummaryStatsBARPLOT Man page
getSummaryStatsHISTO Man page
getSummaryStatsOCCUR Man page
getTXT Man page
getwordOccuDF Man page
getXFreqWord Man page
IdentifyStructure Man page
inpdfr Man page
inpdfr-package Man page
loadGUI Man page
loremIpsum Man page
makeMainWindowsContent Man page
makeMenuMainWindow Man page
makeWordcloud Man page
mergeWordFreq Man page
open_cb Man page
open_cbFile Man page
postProcTxt Man page
preProcTxt Man page
quitSpaceFromChars Man page
switchOffDialogWait Man page
switchOnDialogWait Man page
truncNumWords Man page


inpdfr/R/inpdfr.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_ECO_metacom_identifyStructure.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_dataset_docu.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_RGtk2_GUI.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_ECO_metacom.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_PRO_stopwords.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_wordcloud.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_cluster.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_PRO_extractTxt.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ALL_quickFunctions.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_PRO_processDF.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_PRO_processTxt.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_freqWordCor.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_PRO_manageFiles.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_barplot.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_correspAnalysis.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_hist.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_ECO_entropart.R inpdfr/R/zzz.R inpdfr/R/inpdfr_ANA_occur.R
inpdfr/man/getwordOccuDF.Rd inpdfr/man/postProcTxt.Rd inpdfr/man/getSummaryStatsBARPLOT.Rd inpdfr/man/getMostFreqWordCor.Rd inpdfr/man/checkEntry.Rd inpdfr/man/open_cbFile.Rd inpdfr/man/switchOnDialogWait.Rd inpdfr/man/quitSpaceFromChars.Rd inpdfr/man/getListFiles.Rd inpdfr/man/inpdfr.Rd inpdfr/man/getMostFreqWord.Rd inpdfr/man/getPDF.Rd inpdfr/man/loadGUI.Rd inpdfr/man/preProcTxt.Rd inpdfr/man/getTXT.Rd inpdfr/man/exclusionList_SP.Rd inpdfr/man/exclusionList_UK.Rd inpdfr/man/switchOffDialogWait.Rd inpdfr/man/mergeWordFreq.Rd inpdfr/man/getAllAnalysis.Rd inpdfr/man/doCA.Rd inpdfr/man/doCluster.Rd inpdfr/man/IdentifyStructure.Rd inpdfr/man/makeWordcloud.Rd inpdfr/man/open_cb.Rd inpdfr/man/getSummaryStatsOCCUR.Rd inpdfr/man/excludeStopWords.Rd inpdfr/man/doKmeansClust.Rd inpdfr/man/getStopWords.Rd inpdfr/man/makeMainWindowsContent.Rd inpdfr/man/makeMenuMainWindow.Rd inpdfr/man/loremIpsum.Rd inpdfr/man/truncNumWords.Rd inpdfr/man/exclusionList_FR.Rd inpdfr/man/askQuit.Rd inpdfr/man/getXFreqWord.Rd inpdfr/man/getSummaryStatsHISTO.Rd inpdfr/man/doMetacomMetacom.Rd inpdfr/man/doMetacomEntropart.Rd

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