installr: Using R to Install Stuff (Such As: R, 'Rtools', 'RStudio', 'Git', and More!)

R is great for installing software. Through the 'installr' package you can automate the updating of R (on Windows, using updateR()) and install new software. Software installation is initiated through a GUI (just run installr()), or through functions such as: install.Rtools(), install.pandoc(), install.git(), and many more. The updateR() command performs the following: finding the latest R version, downloading it, running the installer, deleting the installation file, copy and updating old packages to the new R installation.

AuthorTal Galili [aut, cre, cph] (, Barry Rowlingson [ctb], Boris Hejblum [ctb], Dason [ctb], Felix Schonbrodt [ctb], G. Grothendieck [ctb], GERGELY DAROCZI [ctb], Heuristic Andrew [ctb], James [ctb] (, Thomas Leeper [ctb] (, VitoshKa [ctb], Yihui Xie [ctb] (, Michael Friendly [ctb] (, Kornelius Rohmeyer [ctb] (, Dieter Menne [ctb], Tyler Hunt [ctb] (, Takekatsu Hiramura [ctb] (, Berry Boessenkool [ctb] (, Jonathan Godfrey [ctb] (, Tom Allard [ctb]
Date of publication2016-11-06 00:24:02
MaintainerTal Galili <>

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Man pages

add.installr.GUI: Adds a menu based GUI for updating R within Rgui

add_load_installr_on_startup_menu: Add menu item for having installr load on startup

add_remove_installr_from_startup_menu: Add menu item for having installr NOT load on startup Add a code line to .First

ask.user.for.a.row: Asks the user for a row number from a data.frame table

ask.user.yn.question: Asks the user for one yes/no question.

barplot_package_users_per_day: barplot for the number of users installation of a package

browse.latest.R.NEWS: See the NEWS file for the latest R release

check.for.updates.R: Checks if there is a newer version of R

check.integer: Check if a number is integer

checkMD5sums2: Check and Create MD5 Checksum Files

copy.packages.between.libraries: Copies all packages from one library folder to another

cranometer: Measures the speed of downloading from different CRAN mirrors Creates a global library folder

download_RStudio_CRAN_data: Download RStudio CRAN mirror data files into a folder

fetch_tag_from_Rd: Access tag elements from R's Rd file Extract the file name from some URL

format_RStudio_CRAN_data: Format the RStudio CRAN mirror data into the data.table...

freegeoip: Geolocate IP addresses in R

get.installed.R.folders: Returns folder names with R installations

get_pid: Find the pid of a process by name

get_Rscript_PID: Get the running "Rscript" processes PID

get_tasklist: Get the running processes in windows task manager

install.7zip: Downloads and installs 7-Zip for windows

install.CMake: Downloads and installs CMake for windows

install.Cygwin: Downloads and installs Cygwin for windows

install.FFmpeg: Downloads and installs FFmpeg for windows

install.git: Downloads and installs git and git-gui for windows

install.GitHub: Downloads and installs GitHub for windows

install.GraphicsMagick: Downloads and installs GraphicsMagick for windows

install.ImageMagick: Downloads and installs ImageMagick for windows

install.LaTeX2RTF: Downloads and installs LaTeX2RTF for windows

install.LyX: Downloads and installs LyX for windows

install.MikTeX: Downloads and installs MikTeX for windows

install.notepadpp: Downloads and installs Notepad++ for windows

install.npptor: Downloads and installs NppToR for windows Downloads and installs a ZIP R package Binary (for Windows)...

install.pandoc: Downloads and installs pandoc

install.python: Downloads and installs python 2 or 3

installr: Installing software from R

install.R: Downloads and installs the latest R version

install.Rdevel: Downloads and installs the latest Rdevel version

installr-package: Using R to Install Stuff (Such As: R, Rtools, RStudio, Git,...

install.RStudio: Downloads and installs RStudio for windows

install.Rtools: Downloads and installs Rtools

install.SWFTools: Downloads and installs SWFTools for windows

install.Texmaker: Downloads and installs Texmaker for windows

install.URL: Downloads and runs a .exe installer file for some software...

is.empty: Checks if an object is empty (e.g: of zero length)

is.exe.installed: Checks if some .exe is available in on the Windows machine... Remove a code line from .First

is.Rgui: Checks if the R session is running within Rgui (Windows OS)

is.RStudio: Checks if the R session is running within RStudio Checks if the running OS is windows

kill_all_Rscript_s: kill (i.e.: stop) all running "Rscript" processes

kill_pid: kill (i.e.: stop) running processes by there pid

kill_process: kill (i.e.: stop) running processes by there process name

lineplot_package_downloads: barplot for the number of users installation of a package

load_installr_on_startup: Have the installr package load on startup

most_downloaded_packages: Most downloaded packages

myip: What is my IP

os.hibernate: Hibernate the operating system (Windows) through a shell...

os.lock: Locks the operating system (Windows) through a shell command

os.manage: Gives managing option to the current OS (shutdown, restart,...

os.restart: Restarts the operating system (Windows) through a shell...

os.shutdown: Shut down the operating system with the command 'shutdown'

os.sleep: Sleeps the operating system (Windows) through a shell command

package_authors: Access (and clean) author elements from R's Rd file

pkgDNLs_worldmapcolor: Worldmap colored by the number of downloads for a given...

read_RStudio_CRAN_data: Reads RStudio CRAN mirror data files from a folder Remove a code line from .First

remove.installr.GUI: Removes the menu based GUI for updating R within Rgui

rename_r_to_R: Rename files' extensions in a folder from .r to .R

require2: Loading Packages (and Installing them if they are missing)

restart_RGui: Restart RGui from RGui

rm_installr_from_startup: Remove installr from startup

R_version_in_a_folder: Get the version of the R installed in a folder

source.https: Read R Code from a File in an https URL

system.PATH: Returns the search path for executable files

turn.number.version: Turns a vector of version-numbers back to version-character Turns version to number (for a vector of values) Turns version to number (for 1 value only)

uninstall.packages: uninstalls (removes) Installed Packages

uninstall.R: Uninstall an R version

updateR: Checks for the latest R version, and if there is a newer...

up_folder: Performs "up-level" on a folder string

xlsx2csv: Converts xls(x) to csv using VB

Files in this package

installr/R/geo_functions.R installr/R/updateR.R installr/R/install.R installr/R/kill_pid.R installr/R/os.manage.R installr/R/installr-package.R installr/R/ installr/R/RStudio_CRAN_data.R installr/R/startup.R installr/R/xlsx2csv.R installr/R/zzz.R installr/R/installPython.R installr/R/rename_r_to_R.R installr/R/is.x.R
installr/man/require2.Rd installr/man/fetch_tag_from_Rd.Rd installr/man/most_downloaded_packages.Rd installr/man/is.RStudio.Rd installr/man/ask.user.yn.question.Rd installr/man/uninstall.packages.Rd installr/man/download_RStudio_CRAN_data.Rd installr/man/load_installr_on_startup.Rd installr/man/install.Rdevel.Rd installr/man/install.7zip.Rd installr/man/read_RStudio_CRAN_data.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/copy.packages.between.libraries.Rd installr/man/rm_installr_from_startup.Rd installr/man/get_tasklist.Rd installr/man/os.lock.Rd installr/man/rename_r_to_R.Rd installr/man/system.PATH.Rd installr/man/install.SWFTools.Rd installr/man/source.https.Rd installr/man/install.Rtools.Rd installr/man/barplot_package_users_per_day.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/os.sleep.Rd installr/man/install.npptor.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/install.Cygwin.Rd installr/man/is.exe.installed.Rd installr/man/add_load_installr_on_startup_menu.Rd installr/man/format_RStudio_CRAN_data.Rd installr/man/updateR.Rd installr/man/get_Rscript_PID.Rd installr/man/install.LaTeX2RTF.Rd installr/man/add.installr.GUI.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/ installr/man/add_remove_installr_from_startup_menu.Rd installr/man/install.LyX.Rd installr/man/kill_pid.Rd installr/man/os.manage.Rd installr/man/is.Rgui.Rd installr/man/get_pid.Rd installr/man/install.RStudio.Rd installr/man/remove.installr.GUI.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/kill_all_Rscript_s.Rd installr/man/restart_RGui.Rd installr/man/pkgDNLs_worldmapcolor.Rd installr/man/freegeoip.Rd installr/man/os.restart.Rd installr/man/install.URL.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/install.ImageMagick.Rd installr/man/get.installed.R.folders.Rd installr/man/package_authors.Rd installr/man/installr-package.Rd installr/man/checkMD5sums2.Rd installr/man/turn.number.version.Rd installr/man/browse.latest.R.NEWS.Rd installr/man/uninstall.R.Rd installr/man/check.for.updates.R.Rd installr/man/install.GitHub.Rd installr/man/install.R.Rd installr/man/kill_process.Rd installr/man/check.integer.Rd installr/man/install.CMake.Rd installr/man/lineplot_package_downloads.Rd installr/man/install.FFmpeg.Rd installr/man/xlsx2csv.Rd installr/man/install.GraphicsMagick.Rd installr/man/ask.user.for.a.row.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/install.pandoc.Rd installr/man/ installr/man/os.hibernate.Rd installr/man/install.Texmaker.Rd installr/man/install.python.Rd installr/man/myip.Rd installr/man/install.notepadpp.Rd installr/man/is.empty.Rd installr/man/install.git.Rd installr/man/installr.Rd installr/man/up_folder.Rd installr/man/cranometer.Rd installr/man/install.MikTeX.Rd installr/man/os.shutdown.Rd installr/man/R_version_in_a_folder.Rd

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