Man pages for installr
Using R to Install Stuff on Windows OS (Such As: R, 'Rtools', 'RStudio', 'Git', and More!)

add.installr.GUIAdds a menu based GUI for updating R within Rgui
add_load_installr_on_startup_menuAdd menu item for having installr load on startup
add_remove_installr_from_startup_menuAdd menu item for having installr NOT load on startup
add_to_.First_in_Rprofile.siteAdd a code line to .First
ask.user.for.a.rowAsks the user for a row number from a data.frame table
ask.user.yn.questionAsks the user for one yes/no question.
barplot_package_users_per_daybarplot for the number of users installation of a package
browse.latest.R.NEWSSee the NEWS file for the latest R release
check.for.updates.RChecks if there is a newer version of R
check.integerCheck if a number is integer
checkMD5sums2Check and Create MD5 Checksum Files
copy.packages.between.librariesCopies all packages from one library folder to another
cranometerMeasures the speed of downloading from different CRAN mirrors a global library folder
download_RStudio_CRAN_dataDownload RStudio CRAN mirror data files into a folder
fetch_tag_from_RdAccess tag elements from R's Rd file the file name from some URL
format_RStudio_CRAN_dataFormat the RStudio CRAN mirror data into the data.table...
freegeoipGeolocate IP addresses in R
get.installed.R.foldersReturns folder names with R installations
get_latest_r_versionFetches latest R version from CRAN
get_pidFind the pid of a process by name
get_Rscript_PIDGet the running "Rscript" processes PID
get_tasklistGet the running processes in windows task manager
install.7zipDownloads and installs 7-Zip for windows
install.CMakeDownloads and installs CMake for windows
install.condaDownloads and installs miniconda
install.CygwinDownloads and installs Cygwin for windows
install.FFmpegDownloads and installs FFmpeg for windows
install.gitDownloads and installs git and git-gui for windows
install.GitHubDownloads and installs GitHub for windows
install.GraphicsMagickDownloads and installs GraphicsMagick for windows
install.ImageMagickDownloads and installs ImageMagick for windows
install.innoDownloads and installs Inno Setup
install.javaInstall Java - downloads and set path openjdk
install.LaTeX2RTFDownloads and installs LaTeX2RTF for windows
install.LyXDownloads and installs LyX for windows
install.MikTeXDownloads and installs MikTeX for windows
install.nodejsDownloads and installs nodejs LTS or Current
install.notepadppDownloads and installs Notepad++ for windows
install.npptorDownloads and installs NppToR for windows
install.packages.zipDownloads and installs a ZIP R package Binary (for Windows)...
install.pandocDownloads and installs pandoc
install.pythonDownloads and installs python 2 or 3
installrInstalling software from R
install.RDownloads and installs the latest R version
install.RdevelDownloads and installs the latest Rdevel version
installr-packageUsing R to Install Stuff (Such As: R, Rtools, RStudio, Git,...
install.RStudioDownloads and installs RStudio for windows
install.RtoolsDownloads and installs Rtools
install.SWFToolsDownloads and installs SWFTools for windows
install.TexmakerDownloads and installs Texmaker for windows
install.URLDownloads and runs a .exe installer file for some software...
is.emptyChecks if an object is empty (e.g: of zero length)
is.exe.installedChecks if some .exe is available in on the Windows machine...
is_in_.First_in_Rprofile.siteRemove a code line from .First
is.RguiChecks if the R session is running within Rgui (Windows OS)
is.RStudioChecks if the R session is running within RStudio
is.windowsChecks if the running OS is windows
is.x64Checks if the running OS is x64
kill_all_Rscript_skill (i.e.: stop) all running "Rscript" processes
kill_pidkill (i.e.: stop) running processes by there pid
kill_processkill (i.e.: stop) running processes by there process name
lineplot_package_downloadsbarplot for the number of users installation of a package
load_installr_on_startupHave the installr package load on startup
most_downloaded_packagesMost downloaded packages
myipWhat is my IP
os.hibernateHibernate the operating system (Windows) through a shell...
os.lockLocks the operating system (Windows) through a shell command
os.manageGives managing option to the current OS (shutdown, restart,...
os.restartRestarts the operating system (Windows) through a shell...
os.shutdownShut down the operating system with the command 'shutdown'
os.sleepSleeps the operating system (Windows) through a shell command
package_authorsAccess (and clean) author elements from R's Rd file
pkgDNLs_worldmapcolorWorldmap colored by the number of downloads for a given...
read_RStudio_CRAN_dataReads RStudio CRAN mirror data files from a folder
remove_from_.First_in_Rprofile.siteRemove a code line from .First
remove.installr.GUIRemoves the menu based GUI for updating R within Rgui
rename_r_to_RRename files' extensions in a folder from .r to .R
require2Loading Packages (and Installing them if they are missing)
restart_RGuiRestart RGui from RGui
rm_installr_from_startupRemove installr from startup
R_version_in_a_folderGet the version of the R installed in a folder
source.httpsRead R Code from a File in an https URL
system.PATHReturns the search path for executable files
turn.number.versionTurns a vector of version-numbers back to version-character version to number (for a vector of values) version to number (for 1 value only)
uninstall.packagesuninstalls (removes) Installed Packages
uninstall.RUninstall an R version
updateRChecks for the latest R version, and if there is a newer...
up_folderPerforms "up-level" on a folder string
xlsx2csvConverts xls(x) to csv using VB
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