Man pages for intrinsicDimension
Intrinsic Dimension Estimation

addNoiseAdd Noise to Data Set
asPointwiseTurn a local estimator into a pointwise estimator
bsDimension Estimation With Optimally Topology Preserving Maps
cornerPlaneCorner Plane
cuthplanePiece of Noisy Hyperplane
cuthspherePiece of Noisy Hypersphere
DANCoDimension Estimation With the DANCo and MIND Methods
ESSExpected Simplex Skewness Local Dimension Estimation
essReferenceESS Reference Values
ideIntrinsic Dimension Estimation
intrinsicDimension-packageIntrinsic Dimension Estimation and Data on Manifolds
kNNDimension Estimation from kNN Distances
lpcaLocal Dimension Estimation with PCA
maxLikDimension Estimation via Translated Poisson Distributions
M_hein12-dimensional manifold from Hein and Audibert (2005)
M_rozzaManifolds from Rozza et al. (2012)
neighborhoodsObtaining neighborhoods (local data) from a data set
NoisefunTransition Functions Describing Noise
oblongOblong Normal Distribution
SphericalIsotropic Distributions With or Without Noise
swissRollSwiss roll with or without 3-sphere inside
twinPeaksTwin Peaks
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