ide: Intrinsic Dimension Estimation

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Intrinsic dimension estimation with method given as parameter.


localIntrinsicDimension(.data, .method, ...)
globalIntrinsicDimension(.data, .method, ...)
pointwiseIntrinsicDimension(.data, .method, ...)



Data set for which dimension should be estimated.


For local.dimension.estimation, one of 'essLocalDimEst', 'dancoDimEst', 'pcaLocalDimEst', 'maxLikLocalDimEst', 'knnDimEst'. For global.dimension.estimation, one of 'dancoDimEst', 'maxLikGlobalDimEst', 'knnDimEst'. For pointwise.dimension.estimation, 'pcaOtpmLocalDimEst' or 'maxLikPointwiseDimEst'.


arguments passed to intrinsic dimension estimator.


For the localIntrinsicDimension function, .data should be a local data set, i.e. a piece of a data set that is well approximated by a hyperplane (meaning that the curvature should be low in the local data set).

The function pointwiseIntrinsicDimension estimates local dimension around each data point in the data set.


For localIntrinsicDimension and globalIntrinsicDimension, a DimEst object with the slot dim.est containing the dimension estimate and possibly additional slots containing additional information about the estimation process. For pointwiseIntrinsicDimension, a DimEstPointwise object, inheriting data.frame, with one slot dim.est containing the dimension estimates and possibly additional slots containing additional information about the estimation process.


Kerstin Johnsson, Lund University


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See Also

essLocalDimEst, dancoDimEst, pcaLocalDimEst, knnDimEst pcaOtpmPointwiseDimEst, maxLikGlobalDimEst, maxLikLocalDimEst, maxLikPointwiseDimEst


data <- hyperBall(100, 4, 15, .05)
localIntrinsicDimension(data, .method='essLocalDimEst', ver = 'a', d = 1)
globalIntrinsicDimension(data, 'dancoDimEst', k = 8, D = 20)
pointwiseIntrinsicDimension(data, .method='maxLikPointwiseDimEst', k = 8, dnoise = NULL)

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