LociDataSim1: Marker Information for Simulation 1

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This data object provides the marker information associated with AdmixSimData1. Rows correspond to markers (110 markers spaced evenly across 10 linkage groups at 10 cM intervals). The first column gives the locus name, (c1.f is the marker at the location of the genomic region that determined each indvidual's fitness, see AdmixSimData1). The second column (type) indicates that all of the markers are co-dominant (C). The third and fourth columns specify each markers linkage group (between 1 and 10) and relative location on each linkage group, respectively.




A matrix with 110 rows and 4 columns.


From simulations conducted by CAB and ZG.


Gompert Z. and Buerkle C. A. (2009) A powerful regression-based method for admixture mapping of isolation across the genome of hybrids. Molecular Ecology, 18, 1207-1224.

Gompert Z. and Buerkle C. A. (2009) introgress: a software package for mapping components of isolation in hybrids. Molecular Ecology Resources, in preparation.

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