Man pages for ioanalysis
Input Output Analysis

agg.regionAggregate Regions
agg.sectorAggregate Sectors
as.inputoutputCreating an Input-Output Object
check.RSDo all regions have the same sectors?
easy.selectRegion and Sector Selection Interface
export.coefCalculates the Matrix of Trade Coefficients
export.totalCalculates Total Exports for InputOutput Objects
extractionHypothetical Extraction
feedback.loopFeedback Loop Analysis
f.influenceField of Influence
f.influence.totalField of Influence (Total)
ghosh.invGhoshian Inverse
heatmap.ioHeatmap Visualization
hist3d.io3D Histogram of Input-Output object
inverse.importantInverse.Important Coefficients
key.sectorImpact Analysis via Backward and Forward Linkages
leontief.invLeontief Inverse
linkagesBackward and Forward Linkages
locate.mismatchIdentify Sectors not in All Regions
lqSimple Location Quotient Updating
mpmMultiplier Product Matrix
multipliersMultiplier Analysis
output.decompositionDecomposition of Output Changes
rasras Updating Proejcting
rspRegional Supply Percentage Updating
toy.ESAn example dataset of class 'EasySelect'
toy.FullIOTableAn example data set to illustrate as.inputoutput
toy.IOAn example dataset of class 'InputOutput'
upstreamUpstreamness - Average Distance from Final Use
vsVertical Specialization
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