Man pages for ipred
Improved Predictors

baggingBagging Classification, Regression and Survival Trees
bootestBootstrap Error Rate Estimators
control.errorestControl Error Rate Estimators
cvCross-validated Error Rate Estimators.
DLBCLDiffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
dystrophyDetection of muscular dystrophy carriers.
errorestEstimators of Prediction Error
GlaucomaMVFGlaucoma Database
inbaggIndirect Bagging
inclassIndirect Classification
ipred-internalInternal ipred functions
ipredknnk-Nearest Neighbour Classification
kfoldcvSubsamples for k-fold Cross-Validation
mypredict.lmPredictions Based on Linear Models
predict.baggingPredictions from Bagging Trees
predict.inbaggPredictions from an Inbagg Object
predict.inclassPredictions from an Inclass Object
predict.ipredknnPredictions from k-Nearest Neighbors
predict.sldaPredictions from Stabilised Linear Discriminant Analysis
print.baggingPrint Method for Bagging Trees
print.cvclassPrint Method for Error Rate Estimators
print.inbaggPrint Method for Inbagg Object
print.inclassPrint Method for Inclass Object
prune.baggingPruning for Bagging
rsurvSimulate Survival Data
sbrierModel Fit for Survival Data
sldaStabilised Linear Discriminant Analysis
SmokingSmoking Styles
summary.baggingSummarising Bagging
summary.inbaggSummarising Inbagg
summary.inclassSummarising Inclass
varsetSimulation Model
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