Man pages for iprior
Regression Modelling using I-Priors

AccessorsAccessor functions for 'ipriorMod' objects.
as.timeConvert 'difftime' class into 'time' class
check_thetaCheck the structure of the hyperparameters of an I-prior...
decimal_placeCut a numeric vector to a certain number of decimal places
eigenCppEigen decomposition of a matrix in C++.
fastSquareMultiplying a symmetric matrix by itself in C++.
fastVDiagComputing a quadratic matrix form in C++.
gen_multilevelGenerate simulated data for multilevel models
gen_smoothGenerate simulated data for smoothing models
gg_colour_hueEmulate 'ggplot2' default colour palette
hsbHigh school and beyond dataset
hsbsmallHigh school and beyond dataset
ipriorFit an I-prior regression model
iprior_cvPerform a cross-validation experiment with the iprior...
iprior_package'iprior': Regression using priors with Fisher information...
is.iprior_xTest 'iprior' objects
is.kern_xTest kernel attributes
kernelReproducing kernels for the I-prior package
kernLLoad the kernel matrices for I-prior models
logLik.ipriorModObtain the log-likelihood and deviance of an I-prior model
plot.ipriorModPlots for I-prior models
pollutionAir pollution and mortality
predictObtain predicted values from 'ipriorMod' objects
sigmaObtain the standard deviation of the residuals 'sigma'
summary.ipriorModPrint and summary method for I-prior models
tecator.cvResults of I-prior cross-validation experiment on Tecator...
update.ipriorModUpdate an I-prior model
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