Man pages for itertools
Iterator Tools

chainCreate a chaining iterator
enumerateCreate an enumeration object
hasNextDoes This Iterator Have A Next Element
iarrayCreate an iterator over an array
ibreakCreate an iterator that can be told to stop
ichunkCreate a chunking iterator
ifilterCreate a filtering iterator
ihasNextCreate an iterator that supports the hasNext method
ilimitCreate a limited iterator
ireadBinCreate an iterator to read binary data from a connection
ireaddfCreate an iterator to read data frames from files
irecordRecord and replay iterators
irepCreate a repeating iterator
irepeatCreate a repeating iterator
iRNGStreamIterators that support parallel RNG
isplitColsCreate an iterator that splits a matrix into block columns
isplitIndicesCreate an iterator of indices
isplitRowsCreate an iterator that splits a matrix into block rows
isplitVectorCreate an iterator that splits a vector
itertools-packageThe itertools Package
izipCreate an iterator over multiple iterables
productCreate a cartesian product iterator
recycleCreate a recycling iterator
timeoutCreate a timeout iterator
utilUtilities for writing iterators
writedfCreate an object that contains a combiner function
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