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Interpreting Time Series and Autocorrelated Data Using GAMMs

acf_n_plotsGenerate N ACF plots of individual or aggregated time series.
acf_plotGenerate an ACF plot of an aggregated time series.
acf_residGenerate an ACF plot of model residuals. Works for lm, lmer,...
check_residInspect residuals of regression models.
compareMLFunction for comparing two GAMM models.
convertNonAlphanumericPrepare string for regular expressions (backslash for all...
corfitCalculate the correlation between the fitted model and data.
derive_timeseriesDerive the time series used in the AR1 model.
diagnosticsVisualization of the model fit for time series data.
diff_termsCompare the formulas of two models and return the...
dispersionCalculate the dispersion of the residuals
eegRaw EEG data, single trial, 50Hz.
fadeRugFade out the areas in a surface without data.
find_differenceReturn the regions in which the smooth is significantly...
fvisgamVisualization of nonlinear interactions, summed effects.
gamtabsConvert model summary into Latex/HTML table for knitr/R...
get_coefsGet coefficients for the parametric terms (intercepts and...
get_differenceGet model predictions for differences between conditions.
get_fittedGet model all fitted values.
get_modeltermGet estimated for selected model terms.
get_pca_predictionsReturn PCA predictions.
get_predictionsGet model predictions for specific conditions.
get_randomGet coefficients for the random intercepts and random slopes.
infoInformation on how to cite this package
infoMessagesTurn on or off information messages.
inspect_randomInspection and interpretation of random factor smooths.
itsadugInterpreting Time Series, Autocorrelated Data Using GAMMs...
missing_estReturn indices of data that were not fitted by the model.
modeledfRetrieve the degrees of freedom specified in the model.
observationsNumber of observations in the model.
plot_dataVisualization of the model fit for time series data.
plot_diffPlot difference curve based on model predictions.
plot_diff2Plot difference surface based on model predictions.
plot_modelfitVisualization of the model fit for time series data.
plot_parametricVisualization of group estimates.
plot_pca_surfaceVisualization of the effect predictors in nonlinear...
plot_smoothVisualization of smooths.
plot_topoVisualization of EEG topo maps.
print_summaryPrint a named list of strings, output from 'summary_data'.
pvisgamVisualization of partial nonlinear interactions.
refLevelsReturn a list with reference levels for each factor.
report_statsReturns a description of the statistics of the smooth terms...
res_dfRetrieve the residual degrees of freedom from the model.
resid_gamExtract model residuals and remove the autocorrelation...
rug_modelAdd rug to plot, based on model.
simdatSimulated time series data.
start_eventDetermine the starting point for each time series.
start_value_rhoExtract the Lag 1 value from the ACF of the residuals of a...
summary_dataPrint a descriptive summary of a data frame.
timeBinsLabel timestamps as timebins of a given binsize.
wald_gamFunction for post-hoc comparison of the contrasts in a single...
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